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Precautions when plugging an FPC Connector

Author:danny / time:2018-10-07 / The number of clicks:165

Although an FPC Connector is not a sophisticated device, its internal structure is more elaborate and complicated. More importantly, its service life is related to the frequency of insertions and removals. Therefore, the plugging and unplugging of FPC Connector should be monitored to reduce damage caused by human error and to extend its life. Here are some points to remember when using an FPC Connector:
(1) The lock cover is opened from the center.
Opening from the center maintains uniform force. Opening from the side portion or cover would result in deformation and damage due to local stress, which causes damage to the parts, shortening service life and reducing performance. Incorrect operation also generates excessive force. When the connector is pressed hard for it to open, the terminal may get deformed. Also, when the lock cover is fully opened and external force is applied, it easily gets deformed. There may even be partial breaks that could directly damage the component.
When removing the lock cover, it is necessary to turn the center of the lock cover gently. Opening the cover with a sharp tool is prohibited, because it will damage the connector.
(2) The FPC Connector can be inserted only when the cover is fully open.
A general FPC Connector uses a node structure, and the pad surface can only be inserted when facing the surface of the mounting substrate. Inserting an FPC Connector and contact part from opposite directions can easily cause poor conduction, resulting in the signal transmission failure or data errors, which lead to reaction error. Therefore, when connecting, directionality must be ensured. If the instruction is wrong, the direction should be checked.
(3) TheFPC Connector needs to be fully inserted horizontally.
Many small lines and boards are visible on the joint of the FPC Connector, which fits perfectly with the other joint. Failing to check the position can easily cause damage. It does not only damage the joint of the FPC Connector, but also the equipment being used, affecting its normal function. When plugging, it is important to insert the connector completely. Simply inserting the contact of the head prevents signal transmission or makes signal transmission unstable, resulting in error.
(4) The FPC Connector cannot be inserted at an extreme angle with respect to the substrate surface.
The insertion direction of an FPC Connector pin is very important. If the insertion direction is wrong, the metal part becomes deformed and the FPC Connector cannot be easily inserted or the circuit of the FPC Connector falls short.