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Application of theRJ45 Connector

Author:danny / time:2018-06-07 / The number of clicks:2063

Electrical connectors fall into the broad category of connectors. They enable current to flow in a circuit that is blocked. Electrical connectors can be divided into three categories; namely, multi-wire cable connector, twisted-pair cable connector and coaxial cable connector. The twisted-pair cable connector is a type of connector used in a large-scale network interface, and subdivided into RJ45 connector and RJ11 connector.

An RJ11 connector is used in a telecommunications network, supporting 2-wire and 4-wire circuits of a telecommunications network to ensure customer accessibility of telephone lines. An RJ45 connector links the local area network with a network device for ADSL broadband Internet access. It has broader specifications than an RJ11 connector. It supports 8-wire operation and has become an irreplaceable device in network connection. In fact, RJ45 connector is aptly named according to its visual appearance - "Crystal Head" because it is made of eight cores. Its shell is made of high-density polyethylene and its appearance is clear as "crystal".

The Crystal Head enables on-site termination of device or the quasi-subsystem. Today, all hubs, switches and network cards are connected using RJ45 cables for data transmission and exchange between networks. As RJ45 connectors dominate the network interface market, selecting a high-quality RJ45 connector is a must to ensure smooth data transmission and exchange over the Internet.

The following points should be considered when selecting a twisted-pair RJ45 connector: 1. Brand guarantee. Check whether the product is well packaged, and specifications and logos are printed to ensure reliability of the source of the product in order to prevent inferior products that affect work performance. 2. Quality assurance. A high-quality twisted-pair RJ45 connector must has stranding density that matches cable resistance to reduce transmission distance and to speed up transmission. A twisted-pair RJ45 connector requires good toughness to prevent damage to the connector when bent freely. An RJ45 connector must has tensile strength to prevent connector breakage and blocked data transmission; moreover, it should be flame retardant.

RJ connector application seems to be limited to network information. However, it should be noted that RJ connectors are indispensable in the development of network information. Enhancing R&D efforts and innovations ensures the quality performance of RJ45 connectors, thereby enabling enterprises to dominate the market and strengthen the influence of the RJ connector industry.