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QSFP28 Connector: 5G internet product instruction

Starting from the second half of 2020, the world has entered the era of QSFP28 connectors and 5G high-speed broadband networks. This time, the major telecom carriers feature 5G internet with “high-speed”, “wide connectivity”, and “low latency”.


QSFP28 Connector: Trust Crisis of 5G Network?

Although the global economy and various industrial environments were affected heavily by COVID-19 at the beginning of 2020, 2020 is a milestone for the network technology industry towards 5G high-speed broadband network and QSFP28 connectors.


QSFP28 Connector: the 5G Broadband Network Era

When it comes to 5G broadband high-speed network, we have to mention the important soul figure of "QSFP28 connector". Compared with the "SFP + connector" used in 4G broadband high-speed network, it has four times data transportation channels, and it only takes 3.6 seconds to download a two-hour movie, attracting many enterprises and individual consumers.


The potential of remote work via SFP+ connectors

By using computers, everyone can work or study from home. With the Internet supported by SFP+ connectors and some apps, we are able to overcome social distancing and continue to keep in touch, and maintain business activities. This pandemic is far from over and has significantly affected various industries, such as airlines, transportation, tourism, hotels, etc.


Interesting news about the SFP Connector

Given the situation, the broadband Internet with SFP connectors offers an alternative to people: transferring real-life activities to online platforms. Take Harvard University for example, which made an announcement this year to replace classes with online courses through communication software services like Zoom.


Additional information about the SFP+ Connector

At the beginning of 2020, ZARA, one of the major apparel manufacturers made a shocking announcement that it would close 1300 branches across the globe. This led to a serious discussion among consumers and the business world. The decision seemed inevitable given the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this era of high-speed Internet with SFP+ connectors, online shopping has become the mainstream way of marketing products for the apparel manufacturing industry.


Meeting 5G high-speed network via SFP+ connectors

A wide road can handle high traffic volume regardless of the speed of each car reaching 120km per hour. This is where the original idea for the evolution of 5G networks and SFP+ connectors came from.


The article of SFP CONNECTOR: Facebook Boycott

Facebook, the world's largest social networking service has 2.6 billion active users on its platform every month. Despite being the leading global community platform, companies like Starbucks, Unilever and other major enterprises launched a Facebook ad boycott at the end of June. What are the reasons behind the boycott? In this article, SFP Connector will provide readers with insights on the latest technological trends and developments.


The Political Crisis of TikTok

Thanks to the glorious era of fiber optic network created by the SFP Connector, people are able to entertain themselves by watching VCDs and DVDs after work or school or by using a variety of streaming services such as Line TV and Iqiyi which enable audiences to freely choose channels they want to watch. People can also download and upload data through the internet using self-media and even become Youtube content creators. Today, young people (born in the late 1990s) enjoy using the popular software TikTok in self-media platforms.


QSFP14 connector comparison

Starting with XFP connector, then SFP and SFP+, we were able to from 3G to 4G high-speed Internet. The Internet is no longer just a part of our daily lives; it is important for the future of society and business models. To evolve from 4G to 5G, there is a need to increase the number of base stations and receivers, enabling products like QSFP, QSFP+, QSFP14, QSFP28 light-based-receiver connectors, etc. to enter the market. There are different numbers representing different specs. QSFP14 is the next generation QSFP connector, which mainly supports FDR wireless bandwidth. QSFP28 is the latest version of the QSFP connector; it is able to load four 28Gbps tunnels simultaneously and support 100Gbps wired Internet and FDR wireless bandwidth.


Continuation of article on SFP CONNECTOR

The SFP connector has contributed to a fast internet connection, new business model and medical development. Despite the bright and prosperous vision behind the product, "information security" is also a major concern for future economic and political activities. The recent Twitter hacking incident related to information security has caught global attention.


5G High-speed Network and SFP+ Connectors

When it comes to broadband networks, the SFP+ connector plays an especially important role. By taking asymmetrical digital subscriber line (ADSL) modems with fixed-line copper cables as a stepping stone, telecom operators have increased their capacity and developed third- and fourth-generation cellular networks (known as broadband networks), in which SFP+ connectors serve as pioneers. Now, telecommunications operators are planning to widen the band of 4G broadband networks to speed up data transmission by a hundred times, so that a 2-hour movie can be downloaded in only about 3.6 seconds. The very fast and stable 5G network can support technologies that require a great deal of data exchange and transmission in a short time such as pilotless vehicles, VR live stream, etc.


QSFP14 Connector

The previous articles covered a substantial introduction to SFP+ connectors as well as the digital transmission concept and future application of 5G broadband network. QSFP 14 has attracted a lot of attention amid the trend of broadband network innovation. Many telecommunication business owners and SFP+ manufacturers believe that the QSFP 14 connector is the solution to optical internet connection. So, what is the QSFP connector? What impact would this type of connector bring to our life?


New Knowledge on SFP + Connector Applications

In mid-2019, shopping malls in South Korea and Japan already started setting up experience stalls for 5G network and 5G mobile phones. On-site employees of telecom operators eagerly introduced to people 5G network, mobile phones, tablets and other electronic devices supporting 5G, as well the tariff scheme for 5G network. Everyone knows that 5G broadband network is faster than LTE, but with the variety of products available, understanding how everything works could be quite confusing. Therefore, SFP + connector manufacturers have narrowed down several questions about 5G high-speed mobile broadband network and prices, enlightening us about the new generation changes


Challenges of Asia connector suppliers (1)

The rapid and stable development of the Molex connector largely depends on the correctness of its decision-making. It focuses a large portion of its investment in product research and development, which also determines whether it can flourish in the Asia FPC connector market and has a leading position in engineering of world-class technology.


Problems with the Asia FPC Connector Contact

In connector products, contact is one of the most important parts. Therefore, this article will help you to understand the working principle of contact for Asia FPC Connector, analyze and zero in on the causes of contact failure. The fundamental reason that could affect contact is that its surface current flux has changed. There are several reasons for this factor:


Opportunities for Taiwan FPC Connectors (I)

Molex has always been featured for its high-end, highly innovative, and high-performance product research and development, which is also a key reason why it can play an important role in the connector market. Besides, Molex connectors receive a good reputation among its customers, and each product upgrade has brought huge business opportunities. For example, the technological progress of Taiwan FPC connector in high-speed and high-performance backplane connector system provides equipment manufacturers with the ability to adjust the current data rate and cost operation. At the same time, it realizes the improvement of migration path in the same chassis, resulting to wider product application and faster signal transmission.


Performance of Taiwanese connector products

For the basic performance of connectors (such as Taiwan FPC connectors, USB connectors, etc.), it can be divided into two categories, one is mechanical performance, the other is electrical performance.


The market orientation of Asia FPC connector

So far, the form of connectors has generally been increased. But, the demand is reduced under macroscopic economic factors. Asia FPC connectors are broadly applied in offices and houses for its flexibility and size.


FPC Spec8– China Connector Manufacturing Company

Related data demonstrate that in 2011, the FPC connector’s output value has reached 9.2 billion USD which is 16.6% of the share of PCB. It is expected to reach 13.2 billion USD regarding the global gross output value by 2016. The information suggests that Asia FPC connector manufacturing companies will become one of the rapidly-growing sub- sectors. The reason why there is such a huge need is mainly because of the increasing use of smart phones, tablets, and touch screen products. In the new field of high-end products, for instance, vehicle electronics and medical electronics, the need is growing also, which indicates that the market is broader, and the development of the components is constantly changing along with the market trends.