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QSFP28 Connector: The Era of Beauty Apps

Author:admin / time:2021-07-13 / The number of clicks:317

In recent years, the Internet has offered more choices and convenience through entertainment and practical applications for daily living. We can get many things done by connecting our smartphones to Wi-Fi, which also saves time needed for completing paperwork or waiting in line. Online ticket booking and tax payment systems are two examples of these convenient applications. In addition to these daily life plan or task management technologies, the Internet also provides new business opportunities for various industries like the beauty industry. In this article on QSFP28 Connector technologies, we will introduce an electronic product, i.e., the Foreo Facial Cleansing brush which utilizes Internet technologies.


What is a facial cleansing brush?

Nowadays, many young girls use facial cleansing brushes that are easy-to-hold and come in cute, colorful designs. These facial cleansing brushes attract female shoppers because of their practical application to different skin types. The weather in Taiwan is quite humid. Moreover, the city’s dense population and high traffic volume cause air pollution which is bad for the health and skin. The skin is exposed to dust and grease, resulting in clogged pores that lead to skin problems like acne. A facial cleanser is a beauty tool that can help clean pores by removing impurities and improving skin condition for better absorption. It is best to use it three to four times a week or after removing makeup.


App with Customized Facial Cleansing Mode

Facial cleansing devices have evolved and they can be now charged using USB cables. There also apps available, specially designed for facial cleansing devices. By simply accessing the Internet/Wi-Fi and entering the sequential number of the facial cleansing device on the app, the customized facial cleansing mode can be downloaded! After which, users can set the facial cleansing time and level of brushing strength (1 to 10). The setting can be changed depending on which part of the face requires cleansing; for example, stronger brushing force and longer cleansing time along the face’s T-zone for better results. Users can create several modes on the apps and they can activate them by pressing one button to begin cleansing different parts of the face.

Though Internet connection is required to set up and activate the smartphone app of a user’s facial cleansing device, the cleanser can still be used without bringing a smartphone into the bathroom. Once the setup is complete, the device remembers the user’s personalized face-cleansing mode and this can be used without having the smartphone beside it.

The opposite end of the device’s facial cleansing brush is designed for massaging. Users can set the time and level of pressure using the app. This popular facial cleansing brush offers natural drainage of the lymph to help create a smaller, slimmer face.


Beauty products with Internet application offer a new concept to consumers. Although this facial cleansing device is quite costly, it is very popular with many users around the world. This shows that beauty products supported by QSFP28 connectors and Internet technology are a great innovation and major breakthrough in the development of beauty devices!