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SFP connector creates a New-age Searching Method

Before the start of the article, the author wants to ask everyone a situational question: There is a class gathering next week. If you are appointed as the general coordinator of the event, what method will you use to find a suitable restaurant for gatherings? Do you check the restaurants’ business cards which you have visited before? Do you use the search engines and enter the keywords? Or do you use the function of “#Hashtag” to find the restaurants? SFP connector opens the new age of the Internet and indirectly creates a new method to search for the information: “#Hashtag” in Taiwan and in other countries.


SFP connector: A buying agent without going abroad

Here are many advertisements and community recommendations regarding Korean women’s fashion or online purchase that are posted on IG and Facebook. Many sellers in Taiwan live-stream their activities to show customers that they travel to Dongdaemun, South Korea to personally collect goods as a way to highlight their business and capabilities. But because of the pandemic, these sellers are unable to travel to South Korea in person. Let’s discuss how the SFP connector and network application works for these sellers.


SFP Connector: We Media Economic Cycle

Ten years ago, when network technology was still in its early stage in Taiwan, it was unthinkable to have a formal career out of making films and operating We Media. SFP Connector and the Internet have brought fun to our lives and contributed to economic development as well. The borderless and extensive connection of the Internet has removed many restrictions and has given rise to the emergence of YouTube influencers and KOLs. The Internet has become the main workplace. Where there is Internet, there is a place to work.


BiDi SFP+ connector - one of the SFP connectors

SFP connectors have been upgraded more frequently; new products have been introduced every year; later, the interval was shortened to half a year and even a quarter. The life cycle of new computer products has significantly shortened. However, consumers would not be satisfied by the simple changes on the look of the products.


Diverse SFP Connectors Family 2-SFP+

We briefly introduced the application of SFP connectors and the notes for reference in the previous article. Next, we will make a detailed introduction and comparison of the related products to SPF connectors, SFP+ optical module machine.


SFP Connectors: Eslite online book store

With years of incurring losses and declining number of customers, Eslite bookstore finally closed its doors and switched online. It was a drastic change in business model, but it has become mainstream. In this SFP connector article, I am going to explain how technologies change our lives.


Pluralistic SFP Connector Family 1

In the previous articles, we have had a simple understanding of the development and evolution of SFP connectors and GBIC connectors, and compared their characteristics and differences.


Brief Talk about SFP Connector

The most commonly used connector for optical fiber head is the SFP connector, during the use of which several characteristics should be paid attention to.


Taking for you to understand SFP connector

When you ask for gigabit optical module in the market, they are mostly SFP connectors. But there is optical fiber module such as GBIC. They might seem similar, but they have different applications and connections. We will briefly introduce and compare these two connectors here.


Interesting news about the SFP Connector

Given the situation, the broadband Internet with SFP connectors offers an alternative to people: transferring real-life activities to online platforms. Take Harvard University for example, which made an announcement this year to replace classes with online courses through communication software services like Zoom.


The article of SFP CONNECTOR: Facebook Boycott

Facebook, the world's largest social networking service has 2.6 billion active users on its platform every month. Despite being the leading global community platform, companies like Starbucks, Unilever and other major enterprises launched a Facebook ad boycott at the end of June. What are the reasons behind the boycott? In this article, SFP Connector will provide readers with insights on the latest technological trends and developments.


The Political Crisis of TikTok

Thanks to the glorious era of fiber optic network created by the SFP Connector, people are able to entertain themselves by watching VCDs and DVDs after work or school or by using a variety of streaming services such as Line TV and Iqiyi which enable audiences to freely choose channels they want to watch. People can also download and upload data through the internet using self-media and even become Youtube content creators. Today, young people (born in the late 1990s) enjoy using the popular software TikTok in self-media platforms.


Continuation of article on SFP CONNECTOR

The SFP connector has contributed to a fast internet connection, new business model and medical development. Despite the bright and prosperous vision behind the product, "information security" is also a major concern for future economic and political activities. The recent Twitter hacking incident related to information security has caught global attention.