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SFP Connector Technology: Digital Vaccine Passport

Author:admin / time:2021-06-23 / The number of clicks:323

With the COVID-19 vaccination underway in early 2021, the number of confirmed cases in countries where people have been vaccinated has been greatly reduced. The data on the number of confirmed cases in Israel after vaccination from last year up to the present confirm that the protection after vaccination can reach 97%, which is higher than the official data, and the protection of vaccines against asymptomatic carriers can also reach 94%. As soon as this data was released, countries began to actively promote phased vaccination programs. Europe announced that it hopes to reach a vaccination rate of 70% before the summer and restore its economy as soon as possible. (This article was written by a Taiwanese SFP Connector Technology columnist.)

Before various countries open their doors, what supporting measures are there for the certification of vaccine administration? European countries such as Denmark and Iceland launched the Simple Vaccine Passport in February this year to determine whether tourists have been vaccinated or not; the digital version was to be implemented in two to three months in hopes of resuming international business, tourism, sports events, concerts, and cultural activities. Denmark announced that it would cooperate with the Bureau of Culture to issue vaccine passports, as well as require people to log in with mobile phones to utilize technology, and to gradually open registration to those who have recovered from the virus.

After opening the vaccination registration to people from various countries, the application demand for documentary evidence has also increased in response to the different policies of various countries. Therefore, it is imperative to launch an internationally universal version of digital vaccine passports. At present, the international forms of vaccination certificates include the following:

1.          The CommonPass digital platform launched by the World Economic Forum and non-profit organizations in collaboration with the Rockefeller Foundation, records the health status and vaccination certificates of passengers for customs clearance.

2.          COVID-19 Travel Pass APP developed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has launched an international passport, which has been used by Emirates Airlines and Air New Zealand.

3.          The World Health Organization (WHO) has electronized the long-circulated Yellow Book of International Certificate of Vaccination to facilitate awareness and adoption among countries during the epidemic.

Many countries have continued to introduce corresponding supporting measures, hoping to open their doors as soon as possible and re-activate economic and commercial activities. However, due to the large number of manufacturers launching their respective vaccines, different countries have their own brand considerations as far as vaccine efficacy and certification are concerned as well as the validity period of passports. Therefore, the World Health Organization has emphasized that countries should not rely on negative results and vaccination certificates as standards for entry customs clearance; instead they should consider the actual situation until the COVID-19 virus is finally suppressed.

Although restoring travel confidence or the tourism industry still has a long way to go, the digitization of vaccine passports would be a great innovation in this generation as it combines SFP connectors with technology for the Taiwanese.