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Challenges of Asia connector suppliers (1)

The rapid and stable development of the Molex connector largely depends on the correctness of its decision-making. It focuses a large portion of its investment in product research and development, which also determines whether it can flourish in the Asia FPC connector market and has a leading position in engineering of world-class technology.


Problems with the Asia FPC Connector Contact

In connector products, contact is one of the most important parts. Therefore, this article will help you to understand the working principle of contact for Asia FPC Connector, analyze and zero in on the causes of contact failure. The fundamental reason that could affect contact is that its surface current flux has changed. There are several reasons for this factor:


Opportunities for Taiwan FPC Connectors (I)

Molex has always been featured for its high-end, highly innovative, and high-performance product research and development, which is also a key reason why it can play an important role in the connector market. Besides, Molex connectors receive a good reputation among its customers, and each product upgrade has brought huge business opportunities. For example, the technological progress of Taiwan FPC connector in high-speed and high-performance backplane connector system provides equipment manufacturers with the ability to adjust the current data rate and cost operation. At the same time, it realizes the improvement of migration path in the same chassis, resulting to wider product application and faster signal transmission.


Performance of Taiwanese connector products

For the basic performance of connectors (such as Taiwan FPC connectors, USB connectors, etc.), it can be divided into two categories, one is mechanical performance, the other is electrical performance.


The market orientation of Asia FPC connector

So far, the form of connectors has generally been increased. But, the demand is reduced under macroscopic economic factors. Asia FPC connectors are broadly applied in offices and houses for its flexibility and size.


Overview of Development of Taiwan FPC Connectors

Taiwan FPC connectors are a kind of flexible PCB which is made of soft material, i.e. foldable and bendable material. In recent markets, FPC connectors have been widely applied in various digital communication products, mobile electronics, computer peripherals, digital cameras, laptops, etc.. So no matter whether we knew or saw FPC connectors before, they have kept appearing and becoming anonymous “cultivators” around us.


Development Direction of Taiwan FPC Connectors

Taiwan FPC connectors are a kind of function component of FPC, which have been “forced” to adapt to the trend of many electronics especially smart phones becoming smaller. To use FPC to connect with PCB has become one of the main connection methods of inner consumer electronics. Moreover, the application field of FPC is getting wider and the request for it is also getting higher. In automotive entertainment devices, FPC connectors are requested a lot in GPS, LCD, wireless installation, etc.; In medical devices, FPC connectors are applied in the basic palmtop miniaturized products to assure the control of the latest status of patients through micro monitors; In military and aerospace application, because of the request for light compact products, the quantity demanded keeps surging.


Connector Advantages(Taiwan FPC ,USB connector)(2)

In addition to the mechanical performance mentioned in the former chapter, there are two kinds of basic performance of connectors (such as Taiwan FPC connectors, USB connectors, etc.): the electrical performance and the environmental compatibility.


Connector Advantages(Taiwan FPC ,USB connector)(1)

Connectors (such as Taiwan FPC connectors, USB connectors and so on) are essential parts of electronic products and have numerous advantages and functions. I will introduce some of their main functions as follows:


The market expectations of  Asia FPC connectors

Asia FPC connector is widely applied in small electronic products, especially cellphones, because of its it being light weighted, high density, and compact size. The fast-growing cellphone industry also brings an unprecedented development to the Asia FPC connector industry. There are also battery connectors and SIM card connector besides FPC connector in cellphone industry. However, FPC is the most important connector because of itsthe three unique features. We will discuss the future application of these features as follows:


Consumer product created by Taiwan FPC connectors

Because of its flexibility and small size, Taiwanthe FPC connector is widely applied in office equipment and home appliances. Despite of the slow economy worldwide, the connector industry is still going upward slowly. There is a great market for this industry. We will talk about the consumer product that are mostly applied in.


Connector types (Asia FPC,USB connector)

Connectors is are very commonly seen in our daily lifevesves (like FPC connectors and USB connectors), but we don’t know allnot every the types of the connectors. I will introduce some of the common Asia FPC connectors as follows.


What are connectors (Taiwan FPC connector, USB)?

A connector is to connect a conductor (line) and other matching component to connect and disconnect the electronic circuit. The most common connector manufacturers are Tyco, Molex, Amphenol, FCI, Samtac, and amp. There are Taiwan FPC connectors, USB connectors, and more.


Taiwan FPC connector specification Introduction 2

There are two types of FPC connectors : single-side and double-side, and their manufacturing processes are different.


Overview of FPC connector production

Manufacturers of FPC connectors are mostly located in Shenzhen, Dongguan and Yueqing. Despite the large number of FPC connector manufacturers in Mainland China, most of them are aimed at diversity rather than scale.


FPC connector’s price and future development

The FPC connector is a new favorite in Asian connector markets and has grown rapidly in recent years.


Introduction of FPC connector

The FPC connector, which stands for Flexible Printed Circuit board is a new type of connector. It is made of “soft material” that can be folded and bended, with normally high standards of strength and hardness.


FPC connector characteristics

We will discuss the characteristics of the FPC connector in detail, which are significantly related to the product’s practical uses.


FPC connector characteristics and applications

The characteristics of a product determine the application, while functionality determines the product’s usability. Below are the characteristics of the popular FPC connector based on two aspects.


FPC connector market overall review

Markets also vary; for example, suppliers in Hong Kong mostly provide through-hole and surface mount FPC connectors.