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Overview of Development of Taiwan FPC Connectors

Author:Danny / time:2019-12-23 / The number of clicks:490

Taiwan FPC connectors are a kind of flexible PCB which is made of soft material, i.e. foldable and bendable material. In recent markets, FPC connectors have been widely applied in various digital communication products, mobile electronics, computer peripherals, digital cameras, laptops, etc.. So no matter whether we knew or saw FPC connectors before, they have kept appearing and becoming anonymous “cultivators” around us. 

FPC connectors are products in many excellent connector companies and seem to serve as a symbol of leading suppliers of connectors and network system, which presents the status how Taiwan FPC connectors are valued by the public. Now many FPC connector manufacturing companies can supply the masses FPC connectors with 0.90mm in thickness and 0.20mm in spacing. The X-type connectors are designed for products of series XL and have higher pertinence. They can endure high retention, which enables them to work in mobile phones, smart phones, digital cameras and other smaller home electronics and also to be the best choice for these electronic components.

FPC connectors have been developing to become more compact and have lower thickness. This development trend is from the miniaturization of consumer electronics, which is quite obvious for the computers also changed from big computers in the past to tablets recently.

Recently some connector suppliers have installed flip actuators for connectors into the design of connectors, so the connectors can stretch out and draw back to fix the cable components while series XL can be equipped with power cables and meet this need. With the design of installing flip actuators into connectors, we can also assure the compatibility for automatic multimedia application.

Taiwan FPC connectors have kept developing and upgrading thereby manufacturers or distributors have high anticipation so that more and more people are willing to participate in the manufacturing and distribution industries. With not only the performance but also the wide application, FPC connectors are incomparable with other connectors, they have sprung up like mushrooms and kept moving forward with the exuberant development of network and consumer electronics.