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SATA Standard Revolution- Asia connector supplier

Standard is a principle that devices can all adopt in its application for devices to work properly. For a connector, the standard is a demand of the outer look and performance. The standard of the SATA Asia connector suppliers brings a huge revolution in the computer industry. It changes the transmission from parallel to serial and saves on cable sizes and energy usage. Not only does it lower the cost, but also improves the transmission speed greatly.


SATA Market application by Asia connector supplier

SATA connectoris a serial high level technology accessory connector, and mainly applied on the computer motherboard, industrial control motherboard, hard drive, and video recorder. It’s an essential component and accessory for the electronic industry. Its features are supporting hot plugging, compact in size, and conducting inspection automatically from a transmission instruction. It’s a serial ATA interface. The SATA connector provided by Asia connector suppliers changes as the production technology evolve.


Application of Rj45-Asia connector suppliers

The Rj45 connector is known to most people as Registered Jack. It is a see-through plug on the internet or phone line cable. It’s one of essential electronic products which provided by Asia connector supplier. Both ends of the twisted pair need to be installed with the Rj45 connector to connect the internet card, hub, and switchboard. In addition to its application in electronic and internet communications, most people don’t know it can be applied in the industrial field as well. It’s one of the important features.


Optical fiber connectors-Taiwan connector supplier

Here is some new information in addition to the previous one provided by Taiwan connector suppliers. The third type is a biconical connector. You can tell its appearance from the name, which is a cylindrical plug made from two precisely pressed frustums with a double tapered plastic sleeve coupling component. The surface treatment of the structure and size of the pin and coupling sleeve uses PC grinding like FC connector. They are roughly the same, but different in some ways.


Optical fiber by Taiwan connector suppliers (1)

Taiwan connector suppliers introduce some of the most common optical fiber connectors. The Square Connector (SC) and the Straight Tip (ST) connector are two types of the optical fiber connector. They connect different optical fibers. ST connects with 10Base-F; whereas SC connects with 100Base-FX. There is another significant difference between them. The core of the ST connector is exposed, but the core of the SC is inside the connector. Therefore, it is easy to tell the difference by their appearances.


Introduction of HDMI connector suppliers(2)

Connector suppliers provide many different HDMI connector fittings. There are four main fittings: HDMI A Type, HDMI B Type, HDMI C Type, and HDMI D Type.


Introduction of HDMI connector suppliers(1)

More and more consumer electronics and PC manufacturers were authorized to use HDMI, which was seen to enhance performance in high definition digital connection that could change the world. Hence, the future of HDMI connector suppliers is unstoppable.


Development of optical fiber connect supplier(2)

An optical fiber connector is a low-end product among passive optical devices, which means that it is easily obtainable with a low investment.


Development of optical fiber connect supplier(1)

There is a passive optical device called “optical fiber connector”, which is the most common product in the connector supplier market.


The development trend of multi-connector suppliers

Due to the financial crisis, demand from connector suppliers has declined since 2009.


Development of connector suppliers

In addition to internal connectors in smartphones, innovative techniques in add-on memory such as memory sticks and SD memory cards have been a subject for discussion in recent years. In summary, the development trend for smartphone connector suppliers should basically address the new functions of smartphones.


Strategic alliance of Taiwanese connector supplier

Connector suppliers in Taiwan face various problems that impede the development of the connector industry.


Connector suppliers on the market

Connectors are used in a variety of fields, creating a broad market for the product. Based on the market trend for connector suppliers, the Global Industry predicts an unprecedented development of connectors in the next 5 years.


Connector suppliers on the global market

The vast market potential for connector suppliers remains competitive with western countries (i.e. European countries and the U.S.), Japan, and Taiwan as the three major market forces that are able to expand their market share through their respective competencies.


Market analysis for connector suppliers

The connector supplier industry thrives on the success of manufacturing and electronic industries, and people are paying more attention to this idea. The connector industry can be divided into three categories: automotive connectors, computer connectors, and smart phone connectors.


Phone connector suppliers and their performance

With the developing technology of mobile phones nowadays, the design and production process of mobile phone parts are constantly upgrading, and the connectors are one of the most important electronic components. The quality of the connector will directly affect the quality of the mobile phone and its reliability to use. The connector suppliers provide the following information:


Connector supplier must know connector development

It is very obvious that consumer electronics, automotive electronics, and communications markets are all growing at a rapid rate. As connector suppliers, we should possess such ability for market sensitivity.


Wafer-scale integration inpact connector supplier

The market for connectors has a great potential whether looking from the prospect of the future or in the current state. Even with an economic crisis, connectors can definitely make a break through. So to all the connector suppliers, please rest assured that the vast market still provides high possibilities for everyone!


The necessary path for connector suppliers

Connectors are not an emerging industry, but they are steadily developing. Because of its stable market and its relatively small risk, more and more people are joining the industry of connector manufacturing, which undoubtedly increases the competition among connector suppliers.


Connector Supplier's View on Connector Design 2

The following is a description of the solder foot, plastic and size requirements when designing the connector. It is hoped that consumers will have a better understanding of the design provided by the connector supplier.