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Optical fiber connectors-Taiwan connector supplier

Author:danny / time:2019-09-02 / The number of clicks:512

Here is some new information in addition to the previous one provided by Taiwan connector suppliers. The third type is a biconical connector. You can tell its appearance from the name, which is a cylindrical plug made from two precisely pressed frustums with a double tapered plastic sleeve coupling component. The surface treatment of the structure and size of the pin and coupling sleeve uses PC grinding like FC connector. They are roughly the same, but different in some ways. The size is more complex, and there is a spring that is designed to control the pressure inside the metal structure to avoid end surface loss due to over plug in pressure. The insertion loss is smaller because of the higher mechanical precision, which is the most significant reason why people love it.

Next is the LC connector. It adopts the convenient modular socket latch with smaller structure. The pin and sleeve size are half the size of the regular SC and FC connector. The best advantage is to increase the density of the optical fiber connector in the distribution frame. So far, LC connectors takes lead in the single mode connector market, while growing fast in the multimode. Other types of connector are struggling.

Last is the MU connector, which is the smallest single core optical fiber connector. It is developed from the most popular SC connector, so its function is similar to SC. Nevertheless, it has its own advantage such as sleeve with smaller diameter and self-maintained system. This allows high density installation. It can apply to a socket connector with optical fiber, board connector with self-maintained system, and also simplified socket that connects LD and PD module with plug. Taiwan connector suppliers provide Tthese connectors which are mainly used in the optical fiber industry, but we often see and use them in our daily life as well. With the rapid development and wide application of the optical fiber internet, it not only provides a bigger bandwidth and capacity, but also increases the demand of for the MU connector.