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SATA Spec1 – China Connector Manufacturing Company

SATA is the abbreviation of Serial Advanced Technology Attachment. It is a new hard drive interface completely different from its counterpart ATA for it transmits serial data. The busbar of SATA connectors offered by the Taiwan connector manufacturing company applies the self-clocking signals, which has greater power in error connection. The ability to check as well as transmit them makes it more popular than the traditional connectors. Any error detected can be automatically corrected in the process, which increases the reliability of the transmitted data.


IEEE Intro China Connector Manufacturing Company

The practicality of the SATA connector is characterized by power consumption, ease of installation, internal cooling, and drive configuration fields. In fact, we look at whether an item is practical, mainly to consider if it’s cost-effective. And the SATA connector delivers a higher level of performance for external storage solutions at a relatively economical price, with a high degree of protection and ease of use. And as our external interfaces transition to serial interface technology, multiple electronic devices are following suit, such as the latest desktop PCs, pens, storage devices and some server applications, all in the ascendance to column interface technology transition. According to a market survey, this sale of this year's overall serial SATA connectors, including connectors, sockets and cables, (SATA connector) are expected to reach more than 900 million, which is a significant number. So we might not know SATA connectors are growing fast, but if you know it was only 114 million in 2003, you can see how fast SATA connectors have been growing in recent years. Why serial interface technology is so popular, it reduces cables and improves data throughput. It can improve the series interference and solve the problem of impedance matching. Thanks to the leading chip manufacturers and the SATA Asia connector manufacturing company.


IEEE-1394(4)China Connector Manufacturing Company

The SATA connector can also be called serial ATA, which is a completely different parallel ATA interface type for a new hard disk. From its name, we'll know that it's mainly about transmitting data serially. This mode of transmission makes it more error-correcting, and it uses an embedded clock signal. Its biggest difference from previous connectors is the ability to check transmission instructions if the error is found. Mistakes can also be corrected by themselves. This is also the main reason why many appliances choose to use SATA connectors produced by Asia connector manufacturing companies, since the performance, data transmission and reliability have been improved to a large extent.


IEEE-1394(3)China Connector Manufacturing Company

In the first two articles we have introduced the basic performance and features of the IEEE1394 connector produced by the linker manufacturer. How is the development and prospects of the connector? That's what we're going to discuss next. In fact, IEEE1394 has a wide range of applications around the world, it can also serve as a bridge between PC and Mac, but in different countries it has a different name. IEEE1394 is known as iLink in Japan, but in the United States it is called FireWire. IEEE1394 has alliances in many countries, such as the United States, Japan, Korea and other places, and now China connector manufacturing companies became an IEEE1394 producer, and is known as the 1394 Alliance. This alliance is led by some well-known manufacturers. With more than 80 members, they strongly support the IEEE1394 specification interface. They also held the Overheating Insertion Conference, introducing the 1394 Integrated Control Crystal Chip set, which makes up for the shortcomings in transmission performance of the IEEE1394, and even better than USB 2.0.


IEEE-1394(2)China Connector Manufacturing Company

The previous article mainly introduced the origin and transmission characteristics of the IEEE1394 connector produced by China connector manufacturing companies. Other features and architecture are introduced below: In addition to the speed of transmission, the IEEE1394, with 6pin as a connector, also provides power to external devices and supports thermal insertion, plug-and-play and no need to be re-opened. This meets the need for some users to increase the rate and save time. The IEEE1394 connector transmission speed has been quite fast and is said to be in the forefront of the connector transmission speed. That's far from the requirement of IEEE1394 design and China connector manufacturing companies will further modify the iEEE1394, in order to be able to transfer rates up to 1.6GBps.


IEEE-1394(1)China Connector Manufacturing Company

In fact, IEEE1394 is popular with consumers and users because of its transmission rate. It is a high-speed and connected transmission mode in series, and can now transmit rates up to 100MBps, 200MBps. This has been able to meet most users' basic requirement of the transmission rate, but with the development of technology and the improvement of connector technology, there has been up to 400MBps speed. This way, the transfer speed meets the data-heavy file transfer, in addition to which it can also be used for connecting between an external hard disk and computer, which makes the transmission speed many times faster.


SAS intro 4-Taiwan Connector Manufacturing Company

Although the unique structure and framework of SAS connectors guarantees their inherent characteristics, the SAS connectors offered by Asia connector manufacturing companies are with flaws, showing obvious problems in the market. In fact, it is because the SAS connector has its own shortcomings, there is more room to perfect itself and enhance the value of the SAS connector.


SAS intro 3-Taiwan Connector Manufacturing Company

Looking at the development trends of SAS connectors, because the corporate market is normally reserved about new technologies, impacting the established systems in the market using the SAS connector has proven difficult. However, the new generation of SAS connectors are tightly linked with SATA connectors, they compensate each other's flaws, becoming the ideal storage component. This is a brief summary of SAS connector development. Since the demand for SAS hard drives are the highest and include products involved in critical processing for applications, the SATA hard drives offered by Asia connector manufacturing companies are perfect for medium to small business application devices. If these two devices can complement each other, then their future will be extremely bright. Coupled with the shrinking of SCSI hard drives, the low-end storage system market will be completely taken over by SATA hardware. At the same time, SAS hard drives are also heavily valued by companies because of their low price. It guarantees the increase of their performance in the market.


SAS intro 2-Taiwan Connector Manufacturing Company

The reason why SAS connectors offered by Taiwan connector manufacturing companies have earned market recognition is due to its performance excellence in addition to its characteristics. This is not part of many types of devices and it is superior to many different devices. Firstly, regarding SAS connectors, its structural mode is serial SCSI point to point, so this maximizes its advantages to a certain point.


SAS intro 1-Taiwan Connector Manufacturing Company

As computer development moves toward miniaturization, this does not only increase demands on the computer industry, it also sets requirements on related computer peripherals. Regarding the serial interfaces for small computer systems, Taiwan connector manufacturing companies have named the interface package as SAS (Serial Attached SCSI).


D-SUB connector2- Connector Manufacturing Company

We learned in the previous introduction of D-SUB connectors that its practical purpose is to work with VGE interfaces to maximize its value. Regarding this, the development staffs of Taiwan connector manufacturing companies have introduced the VGA D-SUB input interface. This is the most advanced and widely applicable D-SUB connector. Looking at its appearance, the VGA D-SUB input interface has 15 pin holes, arranged in 3 rows of 5. It is different to the D-15 interface used in normal PC graphics card. Although they both use D shaped 15 pin sockets, it is evident the D-15 interface wastes more of the pin’s value when compared with the VGA D-SUB input. This would cause gaps in the input signal and greatly reduce the quality of the displayed images.


D-SUB connector1- Connector manufacturing company

The so-called D-SUB connector is the abbreviation of D-subminiature which has a common name known as VGA (Video Graphics Adapter) interface. The reason why it is called D-subminiature, is also because the D-sub configuration is like an uppercase letter D. In fact, the D-SUB connectors has a long development history. As early as the mid- 20th century, Taiwan the connector manufacturing company, ICC Company, invented a more reasonable standard of interface shape and structure through scientific research, which created the definition of the D-SUB connector. When it was just invented, the interface of the D-SUB connector was considered to be the smallest compared to the interfaces of that era, which gave it a subminiature nickname. The name of D-subminiature was given since then.


SATA spec 3-Taiwan Connector Manufacturing Company

The development of the SATA connector provided by the Taiwan connector manufacturing company is far better than USB viewed from the current situation. It’s mainly because the development of SATA is relatively late and had to stand on the USB to boom. So USB should be deemed as its mentor. The first SATA introduced to the market is SATA 1.5Gb/s. It is the first generation SATA interface so it is officially called SATA-1. The basic transmission rate is 1.5 Gbit/s. In 2004, SATA 3Gb/s was officially launched and people naturally called it SATA-2 (SATA-II). Simply speaking, SATA 3Gb/s follows the ATA-7 specification and can transfer at 3.0Gbit/s. Obviously, the innovation of SATA connectors is constantly improving their transmission rate. After the detailed analysis, we can easily find that the advantage of SATA 3Gb / s compared to SATA 1.5Gb / s is not only by its speed improvement but actually support the real SATA command sequencing (NCQ) to expand the length of the data line to 2m which is twice as long as SATA 1.5Gb/s and of course it’s 4 times the length of the PATA data line.


SATA spec 2-Taiwan connector manufacturing company

In the data transfer, not only the SATA connector produced by Taiwan connector manufacturing companies can be used as the only transmission device, there are other alternatives such as, the USB connector, the FireWire connector, the serial SCSI connector,….etc. In order to better understand the SATA connector, we have selected some related connectors to conduct a comparative analysis of their specifications for reference.


RJ45 lead Ethernet-connector manufacture company

The development and application of the RJ45 Transformer (RJ45 Transformer) produced by Asia connector manufacturing companies have played a decisive role in the popularity of the Ethernet. As an important link in the development of a modern network, Ethernet is an indispensable part of today's network lifestyle. From the original cable to the current wireless, Ethernet is also quietly transforming based on the changes in our demands.


RJ45 advantages-TW connector manufacturing company

Speaking of the RJ45 connector (RJ45 CONNECTOR), most people may not immediately understand which PC accessory it is, however its regular name - the crystal head - shall be definitely understood easily & quickly. The RJ45 connector produced by Taiwan connector manufacturing companies is our most commonly used network cable connection device. It is mainly made up of plugs and twisted pairs. It is an essential accessary for broadband Internet users to connect to the local area network. RJ stands for Registered Jack, a standard physical connector for electronic communication devices such as computer internet devices, telephones,etc. RJ11 is similar to RJ45, but RJ11 is often mainly used to connect the telephone lines.


The trump card of SATA Taiwan connector manufactur

From production to retail, Taiwan connector manufacturing company are a critical part which shows the progression we had within the connector market. For connector buyers and dealers, how to choose the most suitable SATA connector manufacturer affects whether they could succeed or not. Well, so how to be a successful SATA connector manufacturer?


RJ45 transformer-Asia connector manufacturecompany

RJ45 transformer won the love of users for its excellent performance at the beginning when it came in to the market. With the current development trend of global electronics, people have held higher expectations for the RJ45 transformer’s future. With more Asia connector manufacturing companies joining the production of RJ45 transformer, the competition on the market has grown more fiercely ever since.


SATAperform-Taiwan connector manufacturing company

In order to adapt to the market, some SATA Taiwan connector manufacturing company have started to develop a new generation of SATA connectors with high speed signal transmission. Now, the demand for connectors on back panels arose which is used on server connectors, storing control module and SATA back panel. The reason why this kind of connector has its share of the market is because it is cost-effective. Whether from a cost or functionality point of view, it just seems more reasonable to buy it. For users who don’t need high reliability and long operating time, it’s more cost-effective for high-end systems to use the SATA connector. SATA connectors have lower cost on optical fiber and other software driver and it supports the co-existence of SAS and SATA connectors. Thus, users can customize their system according to their own needs. They could choose SATA (lower cost) or SAS (higher functionality) which depends on their demands.


SATA demand–Taiwan connector manufacturing company

Traditional Taiwan connector manufacturing company’s interface technique has a trend of leaning towards SATA connector. The reason behind this is our growing demand of higher functionality. It’s a basic demand of users of connectors. We could see that people hold hope on connectors from the growing need of higher functionality. Increasing functionality means higher transmission speed, and there’s another way to achieve that, by increasing the speed of parallel interface which may lead to more serious interference between products. And you could see that the trend nowadays is heading towards the right direction.