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IEEE-1394(4)China Connector Manufacturing Company

Author:Danny / time:2020-03-09 / The number of clicks:197

The SATA connector can also be called serial ATA, which is a completely different parallel ATA interface type for a new hard disk. From its name, we'll know that it's mainly about transmitting data serially. This mode of transmission makes it more error-correcting, and it uses an embedded clock signal. Its biggest difference from previous connectors is the ability to check transmission instructions if the error is found. Mistakes can also be corrected by themselves. This is also the main reason why many appliances choose to use SATA connectors produced by Asia connector manufacturing companies, since the performance, data transmission and reliability have been improved to a large extent.

Because SATA is similar to parallel connectors, the following is primarily a comparison of their performance. Refer to Parallel SATA connectors; SATA has a big advantage over that. First, the SATA connector transmits data serially and is able to work at a higher frequency with a relatively small bit width, which means that it can do larger work with less capital. This can reduce the number of interfaces and reduce the number of cables connected. Furthermore, the SATA generally need four pins to get the job done, and these four pins are used to connect cables, ground wires, send data, and accept data. Because there are fewer pins connected, the path of transmission is also relatively simple, so this construction can reduce the complexity of the system.

In addition to the different structure, the transfer rate is also different. SATA connectors are transmitting faster than the fastest transmission speed in parallel SATA. So SATA starting point is relatively high, the development potential is greater. Why SATA can with such a fast transmission rate, the SATA transfer rate here refers to the actual bit rate of the serial interface data transfer. SATA in order to ensure a faster transmission rate uses a coding mechanism to ensure the characteristics of the data stream, which makes the SATA transfer rate become one-tenth of the actual transfer rate. SATA's physical design is very reasonable, it uses a four-core wiring. Therefore, the voltage is greatly reduced. And many Asia connector manufacturing companies have also made innovations in technology, adding advanced hard disk features to their hard drives. More importantly, in the form of connection, in addition to the traditional point-to-point form, star-shaped connections are also supported.