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SATA Spec4 – China Connector Manufacturing Company

Author:danny / time:2020-04-15 / The number of clicks:39

The SATA connector provided by Asia connector manufacturing company has been circulating on the market for a while. The existing SATA connectors all support the latest version of high-speed signal transmission, and some offer other functions. The connector shall support the serial data transmission rate of the SATA connector of 1.5Gbit/s, and it shall support the second-generation backplane interface with a transmission speed of 3.5Gbit/s. From the above-mentioned new products, it is observable that new techniques kept being developed to fulfill customers’ needs, and peripheral products are launched, which may bring about further improvement of the technique. The backplane connector mentioned above are used in servers, and for connecting control module in enterprise storage application and magnetic backplane. It is generally expected of connectors to display premium functions, but it is unnecessary or insignificant for most users. 
Since general users wouldn’t require high reliability and an extended period of working time, applying SATA connectors only in high-end systems is a more economical solution. On the one hand, the driving cost is lower than the fiber channel. On the other hand, the SAS backplane connector could support both types of storage driver, namely the SAS and SATA connectors, so users could set up the system’s requirement based on their own needs. Many product developers and Asia connector manufacturing companies are trying to develop a solution for this issue and focusing on the connectors is generally considered as an effective method. They can compare the relatively low-cost SATA connector driver and high-end SAS driver that focuses on functionality. Then, they can choose between the two products based on practical needs. 
Why can SATA connector have such high performance? What are the common designs of SATA connectors provided by Asia connector manufacturing companies? Generally speaking, SATA connectors can be laminated to the circuit board without the need to do welding. The diameter of a drill for lamination is about 0.6 mm. This allows more space for placement of the electric circuit. Also, this type of connector allows end-to-end stack, and more SATA connector products, such as closed SATA cable and connectors, could be developed.