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FPC Spec3– China Connector Manufacturing Company

Author:Irene / time:2020-05-11 / The number of clicks:330

  According to relevant data of the industry, Asia FPC connectors (connector manufacturing company)  have gained greater prevalence, and it can be found in various products and devices, including desktop computers, laptop computers, digital cameras, PDAs, LCD TVs, printers, household appliances, industrial equipment, and most importantly, mobile communication devices. It is also found in products of aviation, aerospace, and military fields.


  The Flexible Printed Circuit Board is a soft circuit board. It is made of polyimide or polyester film with great flexibility and heat dissipation. In recent years, with the trend of miniaturizing the electronic products on the market, designers are always looking for better solutions to save space. The advantage of FPC is thus highly noted by manufacturers. The subsequent innovative techniques have expanded the use of FPC connectors (connector manufacturing company). Now, it has become an indispensable part of our life, and it’s common in various daily products.


  The FPC connector is the connecting device between the main printed circuit board and FPC. Its main function is to transmit the electrical signals within the device. Asia FPC connector is generally composed of metal elements and external mode of resin. The product models are mainly 0.3mm pitch and 0.5mm pitch.


  With communication gadgets like smartphones becoming smaller, it is necessary to minimize the size of internal elements, including the FPC connectors. As LCD gadgets become another major application of FPC connectors, the number of pins will decrease. Also, to save space, the research would aim to integrate FPC into the LCD module frame.


  In the beginning, the FPC connector produced by the U.S. was mainly used in military technology and aviation and aerospace fields. Later, Japanese developers mastered the craft of manufacturing FPC and further improved and innovated it so as to make its wider application in electronic products possible. It is the innovation that made it possible for us to enjoy the convenience brought about by FPC products when using products like mobile phones, digital cameras, medical devices, car meters, etc.


  It can be predicted that Asia FPC connectors (connector manufacturing company) have great marketing potential. The technical problems will be eliminated, and manufacturing cost will be lowered. Also, the functions and fields of application will increase. It will have inestimable market value. It is hoped that the integration will be equally emphasized as miniaturization in the future so that FPC connectors could become an integrated part someday.