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FPC Spec7– China Connector Manufacturing Company

Author:Irene / time:2020-06-08 / The number of clicks:338

  Asia FPC connector manufacturing companies have been heading towards the goal of miniaturization and slimming, and this can be observed in cell phone manufacturing in particular. However, for FPC connectors, there are some qualities that should also be focused on even though the goal echoes the overall trend of development in the connector field. That is to say, we also attach importance to the guarantee of reliability and convenience while achieving the goal. Many connector manufacturing companies are improving their techniques. Some experienced companies have developed a unique rotating rear lock type, which can not only keep the movable cable, but also guarantee the reliability of the connection. This technique is not only an epic breakthrough, but also provides more flexibility and convenience. The rotary slide is isolated from the FPC socket which solidifies the connection in any condition. Besides, FPC is set in a fixed four-sided box, so nothing can influence it when operating the slide, which boosts the reliability of installation greatly. This rotating design can also provide designers more flexibility and convenience.


  As the focus of development of electronic devices shifts to miniaturization, high density and high transfer rate, we can basically make an initial prediction of the development of Asia FPC connectors for a period of time in the future: FPC connectors is a functional component, so, reliable contacts are still required no matter how small the products will be. However, the miniaturization will mean nothing if the functional value doesn’t exist. To a certain degree, the relationship between miniaturization and reliability of contact should be mutually competitive, interrelated and complementary. Hence, we should apply reliability as the foundation, and then put an effort to the development of miniaturization when designing a new FPC connector. It’s better to make a standard for reliability based on the practical use of FPC connectors first, so that reliability and miniaturization can be balanced. When designing a new electroplating and new contact shape, the development and application of new technologies need to be considered, and also, differentiation should be made based on the situations for utilizing the machines. If it is high-speed transmission, solutions for overall product technologies of FPC connector manufacturing companies and other connectors need to be considered also. To realize a dynamic design, targeted design elevates consumers’ convenience and use efficacy, which also make the Asia FPC connector an essential component on the market