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SATA Spec5 – China Connector Manufacturing Company

Author:danny / time:2020-04-22 / The number of clicks:40

SATA is the abbreviation of Serial Advanced Technology Attachment. It has great sensitivity in high speed data transmission, and it is compatible with other series of connectors. Its compatibility is a great feature of the product. Many types of connectors have poor compatibility with other products, making their powerful functions impractical. Users could not apply such connectors to other gadgets. Also, if users want to switch to the connectors that don’t support the equipment at hand, they have to change the whole set. Such situation would be not an issue if the SATA connector provided by Asia connector manufacturing company is used, and this is why it’s so popular. 
In addition to good compatibility, the other advantages of SATA connectors include efficient power consumption, easy installation, hot swap, internal cooling, and having a built-in driver. Even with so many functions, the price is relatively affordable; it has higher price-performance ratio. Users can enjoy a better external storage solution and better performance, larger capacity, better protectiveness, and user-friendliness. The SATA connector is a product with high cost-performance ratio. As the whole industry is transiting from parallel interface technique to serial interface technique, more desktop PCs, laptop computers, and servers adopt serial interface techniques. According to the market analysts, the sales revenue of serial SATA products which include connectors, sockets, and cables may reach 800 million dollars compared with 100 million in 2003. 
The serial interface technique can eliminate cables and increase efficiency of data transmission. It is also a solution to the problems of crosstalk interference and impedance matching. In recent years, the serial interface has gained popularity with the promotion of manufacturers of chips and connectors. 
Lately. there have been fluctuations in the market of connectors, but the SATA connector has retained its status and keeps developing in terms of its various functions and stability. So, as long as Asia connector manufacturing company can ensure good quality of their SATA connectors, the product can remain popular on the market.