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IEEE-1394(1)China Connector Manufacturing Company

Author:Danny / time:2020-02-17 / The number of clicks:147

China connector manufacturing companies produce a wide range of connectors, which are divided into many categories according to their functions and performance. Below is an introduction on the IEEE1394 connector for you:
IEEE1394 connector:
First of all, we need to know that IEEE is a kind of transmission interface produced by Taiwan connector manufacturers. It was first developed by an internationally renowned computer company, called FireWire and now comes in three different forms. The first is 6pin-to-6pin, which supports digital video; the second is 6pin-to-4pin, which supports scanners; the third is 4pin-to-4pin, which supports digital camera. Why do these products use support products? That's because most of the time computers or general devices do not support IEEE. We need to add these support products in order to transmit data. In fact, IEEE is the abbreviation of the World Association of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, which was founded by several technicians engaged in electronics in the late 18th century, and now the association has more than 320,000 members in the country, from about 147 countries. The organization of a country participating in the activities is already quite large, with a certain economic, technological and personnel base, and it is also believed that it will further develop in the future. IEEE1934 needs to be validated and certified by the organization in the early stage of production. Only if the product is qualified, it can stand on the market and put into production. Also its performance and price should be proportional, cost-effective, so as to obtain a certain market.

In fact, IEEE1394 is popular with consumers and users because of its transmission rate. It is a high-speed and connected transmission mode in series, and can now transmit rates up to 100MBps, 200MBps. This has been able to meet most users' basic requirement of the transmission rate, but with the development of technology and the improvement of connector technology, there has been up to 400MBps speed. This way, the transfer speed meets the data-heavy file transfer, in addition to which it can also be used for connecting between an external hard disk and computer, which  makes the transmission speed many times faster.

In addition to a fast transfer rate, this interface China connector manufacturing companies is very special on that you can without pass on the computer and its peripheral equipment to work data transmission, this feature is called peer to peer connection properties. This feature not only allows us to transfer data to more parties, but also made our transfer performance better, even while connected to the peripherals 63 stations. Many people like to compare it with the USB, because of their same performance. It has a fast transfer rate, while the USB connector can connect to more peripherals.