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SATA Spec2 – China Connector Manufacturing Company

Author:danny / time:2020-04-01 / The number of clicks:44

The previous article illustrated the challenges that Taiwan connector manufacturing companies would face when establishing the standard specification of SATA connector. The following section is about the advantages and demerits of the standard specification.

The SATA connectors are designed to support hot-swapping, but currently, the built-in hard-drive could only allow at most 200 times of inserting and plugging. If the cable connector is inserted and pulled out for over 200 times, it may deteriorate or even damage the hard drive. For the sustainability of the connector, the number of inserting and pulling out shall be minimized. From this perspective, eSATA, an exterior cable connector, seems to be a solution; yet, it only allows around 2500 times of inserting and pulling out. This makes SATA connectors less popular than the USB. The problem may be solved by using high-end materials, but the price performance ratio is rather low, and most people couldn’t afford it, so the solution is eliminated for controlling the cost of cable material. Another demerit in the technical specification of SATA connectors is that the length of cable could not exceed 2 meters. Despite the width of the cable, the limitation of length makes the product inapplicable in many situations. The problem can be solved with SATA connectors.

With the development of connectors, SATA Taiwan connector manufacturing companies have been improving their techniques, too. For example, the techniques in the latest SATA connector have been improved recently in terms of embedded memory storage and application in mobile devices. For example, SATA CD-ROM Drive can be installed into the built-in word card cable and connector of small devices. It also conducts dynamic weighing of data in a complex environment of imputing data to prevent congestion of transmitting data. Also, it allows the laptop computer to work when the power is off, maintain intact system function even with incomplete device driver. The upgraded specification is also equipped with micro-connector, which is designed with built-in or external multichannel cables.