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SATA Spec3 – China Connector Manufacturing Company

Author:danny / time:2020-04-08 / The number of clicks:46

A SATA hard drive is rather familiar to us. However, some problems in usage may hinder the functionality of the hard drive. What are the measures to prevent damage on the interface of SATA connectors? Here are some suggestions from a Taiwan connector manufacturing company
There are so many talents in the computer industry, and many people may have a unique solution for the above-mentioned problem for this kind of issue may arise from time to time. Here are just some personal opinions. Hopefully, they could be helpful for the readers. 
Knowing something about the development of SATA may enhance understanding of the preventive measures. Over the past few years, few significant breakthroughs in techniques of SATA connectors have been observed, but there have been renovations in the appearance and design. In 2001, several major Taiwan connector manufacturing companies established the specifications for the design of SATA connectors. Through several major and minor changes in the appearance, the SATA connector evolved to the way it looks today.
In the early years, SATA connectors established some major parameters for connectors, which was revised for several times. The most obvious change is the upgrading of the motherboard SATA1 to the SATA2. Changes in the connectors was minor and not worth mentioning.  
Many people may have used the earlier interface. If we connect the equipment in an inappropriate way, the connector may be damaged. For the latest SATA connector, a protective ring is added. Although the protective ring could assure that the interface would not wear out soon, it takes more space, and it is not applicable for all SATA equipment.
The earlier design has another issue, which is the bad connection. The earlier version of SATA connectors had a buckle for fastening the connector to the SATA equipment. Some new versions come with a curved SATA connector, which may cause damage to the port. 
In fact, SATA connectors are rather vulnerable to damage, so users have to be very careful. Also, the Taiwan connector manufacturing companies are trying to design a ‘robust version’ of it.