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SATA Spec1 – China Connector Manufacturing Company

Author:Danny / time:2020-03-25 / The number of clicks:218

SATA is the abbreviation of Serial Advanced Technology Attachment. It is a new hard drive interface completely different from its counterpart ATA for it transmits serial data. The busbar of SATA connectors offered by the China connector manufacturing company applies the self-clocking signals, which has greater power in error connection. The ability to check as well as transmit them makes it more popular than the traditional connectors. Any error detected can be automatically corrected in the process, which increases the reliability of the transmitted data.

      With a preliminary understanding of SATA connectors, we can talk about the standard specifications of SATA. The specification of SATA connectors is a revolutionary advancement for the computer memory industry. It adopts the serial technique which effectively decreases the size of the cable and significantly increases the speed of transmission.

      The creation of SATA connectors represents a transition from low clock rate parallel communication to high clock rate serial communication in the computer industry. There is significant breakthrough in the specification, which displays better power transmission than the traditional interface. Although the SATA connectors produced by China connector manufacturing companies have a rather wide bus bar, the development of hard drives is comparatively slow, for the revolution and disk density have not been improved as fast. This makes increasing the speed of the front side bus less meaningful.

      Now, the SATA connector interface has become a generalized standard for memory storage interface. However, it couldn’t perform its functions to the fullest. SATA connectors are now facing an embarrassing situation: it’s the highway where the speed limit is 200 kilometers per hour only used by motorcycle riders. Although SATA connectors can transmit data at a rather fast speed, the existing SATA connector hard drive, even the ones with more than ten thousand revolutions per minute, could not catch up with the speed. Its superior functionality can only be displayed in the use of RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disk). Besides, it is also possible to adopt the hard drive with a port hub as an external device. That is, there isn’t a significant improvement in transmission speed if only one hard drive is applied. This is an urgent problem to be solved while establishing the standard specifications for China connector manufacturing company SATA.