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IEEE-1394(2)China Connector Manufacturing Company

Author:Danny / time:2020-02-24 / The number of clicks:141

The previous article mainly introduced the origin and transmission characteristics of the IEEE1394 connector produced by China connector manufacturing companies.
Other features and architecture are introduced below:
      In addition to the speed of transmission, the IEEE1394, with 6pin as a connector, also provides power to external devices and supports thermal insertion, plug-and-play and no need to be re-opened. This meets the need for some users to increase the rate and save time. The IEEE1394 connector transmission speed has been quite fast and is said to be in the forefront of the connector transmission speed. That's far from the requirement of IEEE1394 design and China connector manufacturing companies will further modify the iEEE1394, in order to be able to transfer rates up to 1.6GBps.
      Next, we'll introduce some of its architecture. The network of IEEE1394 is divided into three layers. The first layer is the physical layer. As mentioned above, this is a transmission interface, and the physical layer is the electronic signal and machinery that defines the transmission data interface, located at the lowest level of the entire interface. Just as every object has its foundation, the function of the physical layer is not to be fully underestimated. It can code, decoding data, is the arbitration with the bus, but also to avoid the simultaneous transmission of data and confusion, these functions can be very good guarantee stability of the IEEE1394 when transferring data is a basic nature of the connector's essentials.  The second layer is the Data-Link layer. This is said to be the middle layer. Its main function is package reception, packet transmission and cycle control and so on. The seal packages are divided into real-time and asynchronous transports. Real-time transfer sits when the transfer speed is made in real time, while asynchronous transmission takes place at different times, such a distinction to meet the different needs of the user. The last layer is called the Transport layer.  China connector manufacturing companies at this level are required to be in response protocol, the function is used for realistic read, write and lock live, that is, read, write, lock three basic transmission action. Reading refers to the object of the read transfer, such as the inside of the computer.  To transmit to the hard disk, the first thing to do is to read the contents of the computer. Then write means that the contents of the computer are written in the transfer. In the medium, the content to be transferred is placed on the "belt". The last step which is to lock, refers to the transfer being complete, the content has been inside the hard disk. Locking the content keeps the transmitted content from disappearing. In fact, this process is like transfer water, and finally to close the gate.