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FPC Spec6– China Connector Manufacturing Company

Author:Irene / time:2020-06-01 / The number of clicks:343

  In our lives, connectors are necessary (for instance, Taiwan FPC connector manufacturing companies, USBs, etc.). Why do we use connectors?


  First of all, allow me to introduce the connector to you. This component should be the most common to electronic engineering technicians because they use it quite often. A connector is a bridge which connects isolated or blocked circuits, and also, it is an important component for current flow and to practice reservation. Connectors are necessary, if we follow and observe the current; we will find one or more connectors. Although they are common, there are many types of connectors (ex: Taiwan FPC connector, USB connector), because a connector will formally and structurally change based on the difference of frequency, power and the environment of the application. If we apply the connector for lighting a rocket to the one for illumination on a court, it will be quite horrible. In addition, the connector in a hard disc drive is different also. But, the central theme remains the same. We just have to ensure that the current keeps flowing smoothly. As optical technology develops, the use of the connector has gone deep into other fields. In its broad sense, a connector isn’t just transmitting current, it can also transmit optical signals. In a fiber optic system, light is the carrier we use to transmit signals. It used glass or plastic to replace wires in normal circuit. The connector in optical signals has the same function as a circuit connector.


  What are the specific reasons for us to use connectors? What would happen to electronic products if there is no connector (ex: Taiwan FPC connector manufacturing companies, USB connector, etc.)? The only way is to use a continuous conductor to connect the circuits permanently, like electronic devices have to be connected to the power supply. We have to fix and weld the wires, the electronic device and power. But this will bring us a lot of troubles, and we can’t replace the broken component. Let’s take a car as an example, if we weld a wire on a battery and just install it, cost and time needed to manufacture cars will be increased. If the battery is broken, we have to send the battery to the maintenance plant, and then it will undergo desoldering demolition, which is a waste of manpower and time. But, if there’s a connector, you can buy a new battery from a store and replace it by yourself. This example shows us the benefit and advantages of connectors. It makes both the production process and the use more convenient.