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SAS intro 3-Taiwan Connector Manufacturing Company

Author:Danny / time:2020-02-03 / The number of clicks:156

  The development of SAS connector products is the same as many different equipment and devices. The development path taken by Asia connector manufacturing companies has been filled with setbacks, since they faced numerous difficulties and doubts to ensure its performance and characteristics.

  On November 26th, 2001, the SAS laboratories were established by IBM, Compaq, Maxtor, LSI Logic, and Seagate together. Its purpose was to find and introduce a complete interface standard to satisfy the largest market demand. Two years later, HP and Seagate released the first SAS connector interface sample, bringing attention to SAS.

 Looking at the development trends of SAS connectors, because the corporate market is normally reserved about new technologies, impacting the established systems in the market using the SAS connector has proven difficult. However, the new generation of SAS connectors are tightly linked with SATA connectors, they compensate each other's flaws, becoming the ideal storage component. This is a brief summary of SAS connector development. Since the demand for SAS hard drives are the highest and include products involved in critical processing for applications, the SATA hard drives offered by Asia connector manufacturing companies are perfect for medium to small business application devices. If these two devices can complement each other, then their future will be extremely bright. Coupled with the shrinking of SCSI hard drives, the low-end storage system market will be completely taken over by SATA hardware. At the same time, SAS hard drives are also heavily valued by companies because of their low price. It guarantees the increase of their performance in the market.

  Back to the previously mentioned point, the SAS connector has relatively completed compatibility with the SATA system, so the SAS connector is not only suitable for its own SAS connector interface device, but also can be applied to the SATA connector device. This compatibility between the two devices will maximize their performance and elevate them to the next level. Therefore, the development and innovation of the Asia connector manufacturing companies’ current SAS connector is no longer limited to the independent development of the SAS connector device, and is more constantly improved with the update of the corresponding SATA system. In the future, SAS connectors will work more with SATA systems, becoming an intertwined system.