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FPC Spec4– China Connector Manufacturing Company

Author:Irene / time:2020-05-18 / The number of clicks:348

  FPC is the abbreviation of Flexible Printed Circuit, which is also called the flexible printed circuit board or soft printed circuit board. Taiwan FPC connector (connector manufacturing company) is made of soft materials (foldable and bendable materials), and it is a reliable and eco-friendly connector. With the trend of miniaturization of the products on the market, FPC connectors have been constantly improved to fulfill the needs of the market by shorter central line, narrower pitch, lower profile height, and easier connection solutions.


  Taiwan FPC connector features a high-density circuit, lightness, and thinness. It has 7~129 cores and 9 via arrangement types, and it’s widely used in PDA, LCM, MID, handheld game consoles, smartphones, computers, cameras and other types of electronic products. Currently, the products of 0.3mm pitch have been in mass production and widely used, and the products of 0.5mm pitch and 0.3mm pitch are the main focus of design and research. With the trend in integration of LCD elements and its driver, the number of pins shall be decreased. In the long run, the FPC connectors could someday make it possible to integrate peripherals into the LCD module. 


Marketing promotion of FPC connectors

  Currently, there is a trend of miniaturizing electronic products on the market, so the use of FPC connectors rapidly transfers from the military use to the consumer electronic products. Almost all high-tech electronic products adopt the FPC connectors. Generally speaking, the FPC connectors could prevail and be widely applied for the following reasons:

1. The increasing need for miniaturized products bring about wide application of FPC connectors in 3C products such as monitors, smartphones, cameras, and computers. Development of such products also promotes innovations in the FPC techniques.

2. As microwave, high frequency, and impedance control become dominant in the field of communication, the need for FPC has increased, especially for the application in telecommunication exchange.

3. As the use of the FPC products transfer from military to commercial field, they are more frequently used in medical, aviation, and aerospace products.


Future trend of FPC connectors’ application:

1. The design plan will be optimized; the products will be developed for miniaturization and high density.

2. The look, peripherals, and functions will be optimized; the installation time and cost of human resource will be decreased.

3. The potential of the system will be improved. The greatest advantage of the FPC connector is to decrease the number of interconnections in the electrical installation. As the nodes of connection decrease, the reliability of products would increase.

4. The impedance control, design and manufacturing of signal transmission will be improved. With the well-distributed material thickness and electricity property, Taiwan FPC connectors (connector manufacturing company) are widely used in the high-speed electric circuit board.