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FPC Spec1– China Connector Manufacturing Company

Author:danny / time:2020-04-27 / The number of clicks:32

The Flexible Printed Circuit board (FPC) Connector Manufacturing Company provides the function of alignment and maintainability to the components of various cable inserts and drivers. A stable welder insert ensures the retention of the components and enables soldering points to release stress. A significant improvement has been made in order to optimize the reliability by providing the function of zero and low insertion forces, hence, the repeated loop with minimal wear can be practiced, considering the fact that the minimum insertion force leads to longer use. The reduction of the insertion force increases the times of insertion which is the main limiting factor, and extends the service life.
Besides, Taiwan FPC Connector Manufacturing Company with LVDS (low voltage differential signaling), either one piece or two-piece, can be shared. When used with a shielded cable, the ground terminals of the two systems are able to provide outstanding noise control and line impedance control which suits the application field of high and low frequencies that require high quality of integrity and signal stability. 
More effort has been done on FPC Connector Manufacturing Company aside from the ones mentioned above. FPC Connector Manufacturing Company also use various fine spacing options including push-in and flip type drivers in order to elevate its stability and reliability. These drivers are equipped with caps, which ensure the links between the connector and the terminal. Moreover, the terminal doesn’t need a big volume to have the maximum retention. It’s like someone eats too little, but energetic.
Taiwan FPC connector manufacturing companies aim at developing a smaller connector with higher density in order to meet the customers’ needs. Some of the connectors have adopted the double contact design which saves space and eliminates the need of buying separate top and bottom units for installation, while others have realized a highly compact design by providing additional cable alignment and maintenance, so that the connectors can be used on a digital camera or a notebook. This is how the company manufactured smaller and lighter products with complete function. Aerospace field, automobile field and the medical field will benefit from this kind of function, which not only reduces the volume or size, but also lowers the cost.