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FPC Spec8– China Connector Manufacturing Company

Author:Irene / time:2020-06-15 / The number of clicks:360

  Related data demonstrate that in 2011, the FPC connector’s output value has reached 9.2 billion USD which is 16.6% of the share of PCB. It is expected to reach 13.2 billion USD regarding the global gross output value by 2016. The information suggests that Asia FPC connector manufacturing companies will become one of the rapidly-growing sub- sectors. The reason why there is such a huge need is mainly because of the increasing use of smart phones, tablets, and touch screen products. In the new field of high-end products, for instance, vehicle electronics and medical electronics, the need is growing also, which indicates that the market is broader, and the development of the components is constantly changing along with the market trends.


  On the other hand, it is not necessarily correct to say that the Asia FPC connector is part of the functional component of the flexible printed circuit, for the reason that FPC connectors are just a partial component of the FPC which has become the main option of consumer electronic equipment credited with the development trend of miniaturization regarding smart phones. And also, it has gradually been applied to daily life. In the vehicle industry, the FPC connector is wildly used in GPS, LCD, radio installation, and in entertainment devices, etc.. Particularly, the entertainment devices in vehicles have been miniaturized. Hence, high density is certainly the trend of development.  In the medical field, there is a need for FPC connectors in handheld devices, including patients’ physiological monitors. Aside from these common fields, military and aerospace fields are a market also, considering the sharing needs of miniaturization and compactness.


  The development of the Asia FPC connector manufacturing company suggests that high density and reliability are crucial. In fact, the effective use of the existing space is the main advantage, which can not only partially save costs, but also promote the design of compact high mobility. For the development and its feature, FPC connectors have been widely used among the electronic market segments.