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SAS intro 4-Taiwan Connector Manufacturing Company

Author:Danny / time:2020-02-10 / The number of clicks:148

Although the unique structure and framework of SAS connectors guarantees their inherent characteristics, the SAS connectors offered by Asia connector manufacturing companies are with flaws, showing obvious problems in the market. In fact, it is because the SAS connector has its own shortcomings, there is more room to perfect itself and enhance the value of the SAS connector.

In conclusion, according to market reactions, the SAS connector curve includes the following points:
      1. Lack of SAS connector models. Although the future development of SAS connectors is optimistic, its late development and lack of companies investing in its development, Seagate, Foxconn, Maxtor, and other companies cannot provide the various types of SAS hard drives and control chips the market demands. At the same time, the peripherals for SAS connectors provided by the Asia connector manufacturing companies are unable to meet market demands due to a lack of companies that have a demand for it and equipment.

2. High price of SAS hard drives. Regarding the product, besides focusing on product performance, product price is more important. When comparing a SAS hard drive with a Ultra 320 SCSI hard drive of the same capacity, the SAS hard drive is double the price. These high prices are a disadvantage in the market. The high price does not only affect the device’s sales in the market, it also causes developmental challenges. This will affect the development of the entire SAS connector industry.

3. The transfer rate of SAS connectors is not obvious. Although the speed of SAS hard drive interfaces is said to be higher in the market, this does not represent actual data transfer speed. Because objective factors exist during operations, such as hard drive mechanical limitations, the transfer speed caps at around 80MBsec. When compared to other similar products, the increase in speed is not obvious.

4. SAS connector products are not mature or stable. Currently, SAS connector products are mostly used for high end 4 way servers. The users of these servers are often not seeking high speed hard drive technology. They focus more on the maturity and stability of the product. Regarding SAS connectors, its speed and stability is similar to SCSI products but SCSI products are more mature and favored by high end 4 way server users.

As a new storage interface technology, the SAS connectors offered by Asia connector manufacturing companies are compatible with many technologies and products and produces excellent performances. However, the flaws are still obvious. If these flaws can be perfected, it can ensure faster and better development.