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SATA Standard Revolution- Asia connector supplier

Author:Danny / time:2019-11-04 / The number of clicks:584

Standard is a principle that devices can all adopt in its application for devices to work properly. For a connector, the standard is a demand of the outer look and performance. The standard of the SATA Asia connector suppliers brings a huge revolution in the computer industry. It changes the transmission from parallel to serial and saves on cable sizes and energy usage. Not only does it lower the cost, but also improves the transmission speed greatly.

  I’m sure most of us heard about SATA II before. Actually, it was a name of a committee, which is set up to develop a standard for SATA connectors. The committee changed the name afterwards, but the name of SATA II was kept and became the term for SATA. However, just like no leaves are identical in the world, the naming rules of SATA Asia connector suppliers differ among its supplier in regards to the performance and support.

  Even though SATA and SATA II might be confusing, but there is a rule to follow. Generally speaking, many manufacturers name it with the maximum transmission speed or the equipment specification that it supports. The latter method is better; therefore, people prefer the latter method instead of the first method. 

  As a human, our name is just a code for ourselves, but for electronic products, the name shows the performance. Users might be confused if the name is not related to the performance; therefore, the naming standard shall be unified for every Taiwan connector supplier to be more user friendly. In addition, the manufacturing and usage standard shall be unified as well. Standardization will not decrease the number of users, but is actually better for product promotion. As the manufacturer, if our connector can only be connected with our own product, we may not be favored by users because they prefer something more convenient, something that can connect with another Asia connector supplier s product. The standard uniformity is conducive for products with the same specifications to be used without limitation.