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Introduction of HDMI connector suppliers(2)

Author:Danny / time:2019-06-30 / The number of clicks:667

Connector suppliers provide many different HDMI connector fittings. There are four main fittings: HDMI A Type, HDMI B Type, HDMI C Type, and HDMI D Type.

Let’s look at the first fitting: HDMI A Type. HDMI A Type is suitable for HDMI1.0 and has 19 pins. The common fitting parameter of HDMI A Type on the market is 4.45 mm ×13.9 mm. It is similar to DVI Single-Link transmission. Because it is an older model, the maximum TMDS speed is 165MHz, which is 1600x1200(TMDS 162.0 MHz).

Next is the HDMI B Type. There is not much difference between B Type and A Type. They are both applicable to HDMI 1.0. The fitting parameter of B Type is slightly bigger with 4.45 mm × 21.2 mm and 29 pins. The TMDS data transmission amount of B Type is twice that of A Type. DVI Dual-Link transmission analogy - Even though the amount of data transmission is increased, transmission efficiency is required as well. In other words, the frequency has to be 270MHz on Tx and Rx of TMDS. Nothing was able to meet these requirements back then, so B Type was not applied in any product.

Since HDMI B Type has no market applications, connector suppliers made an even bigger breakthrough with the HDMI C Type, which is suitable for HDMI 1.3 with 19 pins like A Type. People call it the mini HDMI A Type, also known as Mini HDMI. With the fitting parameter just 2.42 mm × 10.42 mm, C Type has changed the definition of pin. Its main market application is for portable devices. With a good reputation, it has been used on the video export interface of SONY HDR-DR5E DV.
The latest version is HDMI D Type.  According to market demand, connector suppliers work hard for smaller, thinner, lighter, and faster products. D Type is suitable for HDMI 1.4 with 19 pins and size as small as 2.8 mm ×6.4 mm. It is used in digital cameras and cellphones with the highest resolution of 1080p and 5GB high transmission speed. It has become the leading product of connector suppliers.