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Development of optical fiber connect supplier(1)

Author:Danny / time:2019-05-14 / The number of clicks:599

There is a passive optical device called “optical fiber connector”, which is the most common product in the connector supplier market. Every single fiber connector has a matching pin, which means that it is very much attached to the connector market. Because of its dependency to the connector, the optical fiber connector grows and expands with the connector market. According to statistics gathered by Electronic Cast, the market value of electronics and optical fiber connectors used in local corporate internet network in the global market has reached US$623 million in 2000. Based on a rough calculation, it is expected to increase by 13.3% annually in the next five years. Despite the decreasing market value, it reached US$1.16billion in 2005. Generally speaking, the demand for optical fiber connectors grew from 56 million to 4.14 billion sets between 1998 and 2005. Without a doubt, the product has successfully taken the lead in the market. With positive factors in Asia such as western expansion in the region, successful bid to host the Olympics, joining the WTO and the IT market’s operating revenue, the GDP growth in Asia is expected to triple. This would help promote optical fiber internet and enhance the Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing technology.

In 2010, the sales of optical fiber connectors reached 34.45 million in Asia, which was far greater than 9.28 million in 2005. Not only did sales increase in Asia, but technology likewise improved significantly. Despite the declining price of optical fiber and cables, improved technology in critical pinning would greatly affect the price of optical fiber connectors.

The development status of optical fiber connectors in Asia is connected with the fast growing IT industry. Market requirements such as low insert consumption, low return loss, suitability for mechanical environment, and compact structure should be met. Originally, the outer diameter of the pin was 2.5mm for mainstream optical fiber connectors like ST-type (insert and twist), SC-type (socket), and FC-type (screw). Japan and the US have developed the MU and LC-type connectors with an outer diameter of 1.25mm, which affects the current pipe connector market and puts great pressure on optical fiber connector suppliers in Asia. New technologies must be developed if Asia wants to regain market share of optical fiber connectors.