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The necessary path for connector suppliers

Author:danny / time:2019-01-07 / The number of clicks:695

Connectors are not an emerging industry, but they are steadily developing. Because of its stable market and its relatively small risk, more and more people are joining the industry of connector manufacturing, which undoubtedly increases the competition among connector suppliers. Despite this, companies continue to saturate the connector industry. As a connector supplier, the following guidelines must be adhered to in order to ensure success. Firstly, connector suppliers need to be clearly aware that even the most stable market will still have some fluctuations. For example, there was a slump in connector production just a few years ago. At that time, many people were involved in connector production, but the quantities were rather big with no innovation on the technical side, so the demand declined. However, many manufacturers quickly adjusted their business plans. Some added technological content to their connector products while others chose to manufacture customized connectors for electronic product companies. Overall, everyone had a solution to the crisis. This is also the second part I want to talk about.

Connector suppliers simply cannot just follow the pace and path of everyone else, but instead should develop their own product’s features. In terms of the connector technology, which is in fact not particularly complicated, many connector suppliers have no significant differences in the technical part of the business. Therefore, everyone will need to compete in other aspects to find another "spring" for their connector businesses. Take the sales plans focusing on the electronic products for example, strengthening their own hardware is obviously the key. What is a hardware? A hardware is a way to improve the value of connectors wherein the function of connectors doesn’t change but rather, just enhanced, even with just changing one kind of material or adding a small part to convert or enhance the function.

Connector suppliers must possess ambitious development goals. Connectors only seem to be very simple components, but it is indispensable in many fields. So regardless of the current market situation, connector suppliers should be full of confidence. Additionally, the connector market is very important, that is to say, some large enterprises already have their own exclusive markets. If trying to compete with them as new connector manufacturers, it will surely cause certain difficulties. So meanwhile it is important to pay more attention to the continuous expansion of the market, find new markets and try to avoid competition with big manufacturers.