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Market analysis for connector suppliers

Author:danny / time:2019-02-01 / The number of clicks:546

The connector supplier industry thrives on the success of manufacturing and electronic industries, and people are paying more attention to this idea. The connector industry can be divided into three categories: automotive connectors, computer connectors, and smart phone connectors.

Automotive connectors account for about 20% of the connectors market, which is the major sector of connectors. For each automobile, the cost of purchasing connectors is approximately $3,000, which is a considerable expense. Most large automobile producers are capable of manufacturing connectors in their own plants, which could lower their cost. Thus, many automotive assembly plants are major producers of connectors and are located in large cities.

Smartphone connectors are the main electronic components in smartphones. They play a major role in the quality and effective utilization as well as normal functioning of smartphones. Smartphone users tend to put emphasis on the tactile impression feature of the buttons. If a connector that is placed behind a button does not work smoothly, the smartphone does not appeal to consumers regardless of its attractive appearance.

The market for computer connectors is dominated by international manufacturers. It is relatively more stable, but the development is limited, making it difficult to adjust the business model according to market trends. For a manufacturer that aspires for stability, focusing on the production of computer connectors may be a good decision. Currently, Taiwanese enterprises account for over 50% of laptop computer OEMs around the world. Taiwan is the entrepot of laptop computer connectors. It boosts the development of the industry chain, which is a good trend for economic development.

Connector suppliers in the electronics industry can be divided into various fields. They are commonly used in daily life, but remain unnoticed. Connectors can effectively link different electronic components to function normally. There is still a substantial market demand for connectors, which is one of the most promising sectors in the  electronic components industry. Thus, innovation in connectors should be nonstop because it is only by harnessing technology to develop connectors can companies maintain market share.