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Wafer-scale integration inpact connector supplier

Author:danny / time:2019-01-14 / The number of clicks:804

As far as the entire connector market is concerned, besides certain parts of the industry that are experiencing the impact of the crisis, almost all products use connectors since it is a basic component of electronic products. Precisely because the connectors are used in a very wide range with big quantities, the connector industry is actually less affected by the economic crisis. Connector suppliers' abilities to resist economic crisis are more than those of the general integrated circuit chips. In other words, wafer-scale integration has caused the connector market to shrink.

Because of the rapid innovation of technology, the number of connectors used in electronic products is declining. The trend of integrated circuits is intensifying, so will the high integration of chips reduce the market for connectors? With the versatility of the ICs, the number of media using connectors is reducing with it, in which case the market trend for connectors is bound to decrease. But this does not necessarily mean that we have to be pessimistic about the connector market, because the connectors are still in demand in the present and in the future, and by then the purpose of the connector is to meet the needs of multiple removals and installations.

Everyone has different opinions about whether the connector market will shrink in the future. In fact, as electronic systems are used increasingly in our everyday tools and equipment, this trend has in turn contributed to the growth in connector usage. That is to say, although the unit price of the connector has decreased, but since the connectors are ubiquitous in our lives, as long as people need to transmit signals between two devices, connector suppliers will be needed.

Connectors are like an important link to ensure high speed, efficient and reliable transmission between electronic components. From a microscopic point of view, each of the number of connectors required for the electronic product tends to decrease because of the emergence of the wafer chips. However, from a macro perspective, many products that originally did not require connectors have also budded into a new emerging electronic connector market due to the infiltration of the electronic trend. Therefore, although the demand for the number of connectors in some old fields has declined, the new field is continuously expanding, and our connector market is still looking at a very bright future. Observing the connector market in recent years, we can see that the market trend is due to a state of steady growth.

The market for connectors has a great potential whether looking from the prospect of the future or in the current state. Even with an economic crisis, connectors can definitely make a break through. So to all the connector suppliers, please rest assured that the vast market still provides high possibilities for everyone!