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Connector suppliers on the market

Author:danny / time:2019-03-08 / The number of clicks:546

Connectors are used in a variety of fields, creating a broad market for the product. Based on the market trend for connector suppliers, the Global Industry predicts an unprecedented development of connectors in the next 5 years. The global demand for connectors reached $60 billion in 2012, while the value of the connector supplier market in Asia alone attained $6.4 billion in 2010. With the booming Chinese market, the growth rate in 2015 reached as much as 20%.

The prediction might not seem accurate for some people considering current market conditions, but the connector industry will undoubtedly continue to flourish. With the favorable sales of consumer electronics such as digital cameras, MP3s, smartphones, game consoles, LCD TVs, and other devices, the connector market would continue to thrive. Sophisticated functions and technologies also contribute to a promising future for the connector market. Sales of connectors for medical equipment on the other hand have also increased, given the people’s improved health awareness and living standards. The global market for home medical devices is expected to expand, reaching a total value of $20.4 billion.

Medical devices have become a new force to enhance the development and application of connectors. Smartphone connectors play an important role in mobile devices. Internal and external connectors are essential for validating the functions of smartphones, which makes smartphones a crucial field for connector manufacturers. Automobile connectors are also a vital application. To put it simply, a classic sedan requires approximately 15,000 connectors, so one can only imagine the countless connectors used on the streets when there’s heavy traffic. The market for automobile connectors is referred to as a submarket for connectors. The market value reached $13.4 billion in 2011, which indicates a promising future. Computer connectors are another major sector of the connector market.

According to the In-Stat report, the annual consolidated growth rate in the shipment of mobile devices like tablet and laptop computers in the global market could remain at 19.1%. If the market share of desktop computers is taken into account, the proportion may even be larger.

Based on the observation of the above-mentioned areas, the connector market offers great potential and robust growth prospects. With the demand for premium connectors in the fields of information technology, communication, aerospace, and the military, there is a promising future awaiting connector suppliers.