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Development of connector suppliers

Author:danny / time:2019-04-10 / The number of clicks:501

The success of the domestic market for mobile communication and Internet of Things brings opportunities to connector suppliers. Statistical data showed that the average growth in the global market of connectors from 2005 to 2010 reached 7%. China accomplished an annual growth rate of 20% in 2010, ranking second around the globe. Industry professionals estimated that Chinese manufacturers would be on par with their U.S. counterparts in the connector market in 2015. According to reports published on an electronic newsletter, smartphone connectors have achieved significant development with the strong demand for FPC connectors, SIM card connectors, and battery connectors, that reached up to 50% of the total demand. These smartphone connectors are gradually transformed to superior products for the advancement of smartphones.

FPC connectors link the LCD display to the Driver Circuit. In terms of structure, the old 0.5 mm product is replaced by 0.3 mm products. Minimizing the volume of the phones has become a trend. As the LCD driver is integrated with LCD gadgets, the integrability of the product becomes more apparent. The pins in the FPC connectors should be reduced accordingly in compliance with the product structure. The technique is well-developed and products are made available on the market. A more advanced technique is to combine the FPC connector with other components of the smartphone so as to integrate it with the mold of the smartphone or LCD. The design significantly reduces the space taken up by the components in order to make the smartphone even smaller, which is a long-term trend. Both the functional breakthrough of FPC connectors in terms of structure and advances in techniques are emphasized. For example, the connections of online cables are expected to be categorized according to power supply connectors and signal line circuit wires.

In addition to internal connectors in smartphones, innovative techniques in add-on memory such as memory sticks and SD memory cards have been a subject for discussion in recent years. In summary, the development trend for smartphone connector suppliers should basically address the new functions of smartphones.