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Development of optical fiber connect supplier(2)

Author:Danny / time:2019-05-30 / The number of clicks:556

An optical fiber connector is a low-end product among passive optical devices, which means that it is easily obtainable with a low investment. Therefore, many manufacturers and corporate investors have emerged in China, trying to secure a position in the market. From development and manufacturing, companies assemble imported components such as ceramic pins and sockets. They focus on manufacturing pins with an outer diameter of 2.5mm such as FC-type, SC-type, PC, UPC, and APC end-face of ST-type connectors, which imply that China’s assembly line lacks capability and competitiveness. However, there are actually many connect supplier in China with a vision that invest and promote research, as well as successfully develop a new generation of optical fiber connectors such as sector optical fiber and LC, MU pin connectors with an outer diameter of 1.25mm. As a result, the component quality of connectors manufactured in China has greatly improved, even better than imported ones. Some companies noticed the higher requirement for environmental resistance of industrial optical fiber connectors and the development of nickel alloy pins with a larger diameter to help improve and secure their position in the market.

Chung-Ai Corp in Zhejiang has successfully developed a nickel alloy pin with a larger diameter, which passed a series of military standard exams based on high temperature, low temperature, cycle life in high temperature, mechanic duration, vibration, impact with high and low temperature, salt spray, fungus, and moisture. It also received favorable customer feedback.

However, component pins and sockets from China failed to meet international corporate standards. Many manufacturers could produce rough pins and sockets, but most semi-finished products come from Japan. A price drop in the market could make Chinese manufacturers competitive, although with extreme consequences.

Therefore, research and development of core technologies is critical for optical fiber connectors in China. In the near future, local manufacturers should study and replicate Japanese equipment and technology to be able to produce many models of round pins and block pins with multi-core. This would benefit people and improve China’s optical fiber connect supplier market.