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The market expectations of  Asia FPC connectors

Author:Danny / time:2019-10-21 / The number of clicks:603

Asia FPC connector is widely applied in small electronic products, especially cellphones, because of its it being light weighted, high density, and compact size. The fast-growing cellphone industry also brings an unprecedented development to the Asia FPC connector industry. There are also battery connectors and SIM card connector besides FPC connector in cellphone industry. However, FPC is the most important connector because of its the three unique features. We will discuss the future application of these features as follows

1. Light weighted. The cellphone trend is smarter and lighter. The light quality is the reason to create lighter product. Light weightiness Not only it is widely applied in the cellphone industry, but also in the aerospace field as well. There is a saying of “many a little makes a mickle”. If every component on the airplane can be lighter in weight, the total weight of the airplane would be lighter. Therefore, we could say that the Asia FPC connectors haves made a great contribution to a lighter space shuttle.

2. High density. Most of the electronic components are high in density nowadays. It could apply the same material but still compact in space and size. Large components areis rarely seen in the market now, while many can only be seen under a microscope. We could say that FPC connectors haves brought up this trend and would are widely be applied in the electronic market due to its high densit

S3. Compact size. It is determined by the first two features, but the market expectation for the compact compact-sized components is undeniable. In the recent IIC electronica, connectors are one of the show stoppers; Asia FPC connectors in particular. Many manufacturers prefer its compact size because it will not increase the size of its own product but and at the same time, make better improvement the product better. Therefore, the future market expectation is very promising, and will definitely get better with the development of the science and technology.