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Opportunities for Taiwan FPC Connectors (I)

Author:Irene / time:2020-07-06 / The number of clicks:381

Molex has always been featured for its high-end, highly innovative, and high-performance product research and development, which is also a key reason why it can play an important role in the connector market. Besides, Molex connectors receive a good reputation among its customers, and each product upgrade has brought huge business opportunities. For example, the technological progress of Taiwan FPC connector in high-speed and high-performance backplane connector system provides equipment manufacturers with the ability to adjust the current data rate and cost operation. At the same time, it realizes the improvement of migration path in the same chassis, resulting to wider product application and faster signal transmission.


Molex connector is currently developing new products with industry-leading low crosstalk, high density performance and up to 40Gbps data rate. As an agent, we focus mainly on our performance and application range, and Molex connector can meet more key structure demands, so some of its products become ideal products for telecommunications and data application. Molex connector system also provides the required occupancy area and interface, and enables users to turn to faster data rate with much more convenience and cost-effective benefits therefrom, resulting to great improvement of signals’ transmission rate and reduction of working time with better performance.


In the area of connector application, many customers have designed new multi-generation system architectures to upgrade their own products, including multiple data rates that increase over time. So Molex connector is committed to providing a highly flexible solution for high performance connectors and the required occupancy area and interface. The distributorship opportunities of Taiwan FPC connectors are highlighted in meeting the needs of customers and improving its own quality, which enables users to gain faster data rate with much more convenience and cost-effective benefits without redesigning their architecture or replacing existing data hardware. Molex connector products are empowered with superior innovative production technologies, making it one of the reasons why it is worthwhile to pursue a business on being its distributor.


Although there are many products in the current connector market, there simply aren’t many known brands. The superior quality of products and impeccable after-sales service of Molex connector boosts confidence among its customers. In addition to connector products, Molex also provides complete solutions for many interconnection markets, including data communications, telecommunications, consumer electronics, as well as aerospace and defense, medical and lighting areas. With such a wider range of market coverage, and such superior products, there is a significant business opportunity with the Taiwan FPC connectors.