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Development Direction of Taiwan FPC Connectors

Author:Danny / time:2019-12-09 / The number of clicks:71

How has the Taiwan FPC connector developed so far?

  We will explain with the specific data below. According to the related research data, the output value of FPC connectors globally in 2011 has reached 9.2 billion USD which occupies 16.6% of the total quotient of PCB. With such a trend of development, a prediction has also been made that the output value of FPC connectors would reach 13.2 billion USD in 2016 and the compound annual growth rate would be around 7.5%. From the data, we can see that the FPC connector is one of the fastest-growing sub-industries of PCB which occupies up to 18% of occupancy of the total market of PCB. The need for FPC connectors is so high because of the power impulse from some consumer electronics like smart phones, tablets, touch pads and so on. Of course, more and more FPC connectors are applied in high-end electronics like automotive electronics, medical electronics, aviation and aerospace, which occupied higher and higher usage proportion in these fields above.

  Taiwan FPC connectors are a kind of function component of FPC, which have been “forced” to adapt to the trend of many electronics especially smart phones becoming smaller. To use FPC to connect with PCB has become one of the main connection methods of inner consumer electronics. Moreover, the application field of FPC is getting wider and the request for it is also getting higher. In automotive entertainment devices, FPC connectors are requested a lot in GPS, LCD, wireless installation, etc.; In medical devices, FPC connectors are applied in the basic palmtop miniaturized products to assure the control of the latest status of patients through micro monitors; In military and aerospace application, because of the request for light compact products, the quantity demanded keeps surging.

  The quantity demanded of Taiwan FPC connectors in the original fields (consumer electronics) is getting higher and their size is getting smaller. Besides the old field, FPC connectors keep on developing their own advantages and stepping forward to other fields. Therefore, FPC connectors are developing not only vertically but also horizontally, which means the sales will become bigger and bigger.