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Connector types (Asia FPC,USB connector)

Author:Danny / time:2019-09-09 / The number of clicks:658

Connectors is are very commonly seen in our daily life (like Asia FPC connectors and USB connectors), but we don’t know all not every the types of the connectors. I will introduce some of the common Asia FPC connectors as follows.

The first type, is also the most commonly applied Asia FPC connectorone, is the video coaxial connector. It is a small screw thread connector that connects radio frequency cable in the wireless and electronic equipment. The Its best features are include small size, light weighted, and easy to use. It has higher frequency up to 500MHZ.

The second type is a rectangular connector. It is often applied in an electronic device, smart equipment, meter, and electronic control equipment for electronic connections. It has a screw thread guide rod with a locking device to ensure it connects securely.

Type three is a round connector. The plug and socket are connected by a screw thread guide rod. The numbers of the connector are usually between 2 andto 200, depending on its application. Its best feature is the  small size and reliability, which is why it has been widely applied in electronic cable connections.

Type four is a water pressure resistant sealed connector. The regular connector we see in our daily life lives does not need special performance. However, when it is used in the water, it needs some protections against water pressure and severe environment conditions. This round shape connector is built for pressure and severe environment resistance.
The fifth type is a strip connector. It has much less number of leads, usually under ten, than a round shape connector. It is applied in electronic connections between a printing circuit board and other equipment, and regular circuit boards too.

The sixth type is a printed circuit connector. You can tell from its name that it is designed to connect printed circuit board and other equipment. The application is limited.

Last but not the least is the ribbon cable connector. The socket is welded on the printed circuit board directly, and the plug and ribbon cable are punctured and crimp. The process can be done in once and easy to use to connect the instrument and meter. 

There are many types of the connectors, such as FPCs and USBs, and we have learned more about its classification from the seven types of Asia FPC connector mentioned above.