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FPC connector’s price and future development

Author:Danny / time:2019-06-25 / The number of clicks:640

The FPC connector is a new favorite in Asian connector markets and has grown rapidly in recent years. With higher demand for cellphones, connectors have become increasingly important, especially battery connectors, SIM card connectors and FPC connectors. Among these, the FPC connector is a market that has the brightest future.

To understand the prospect of a product, we need to look into the price. Price is a good standard to evaluate the tech level and benefit of a product. In short, given its powerful functionality, the FPC connector is a little bit more expensive than other connectors. But the price varies depending on the factory and the technology used in manufacturing.

Because of its bendable property, the FPC connector is widely used in equipment such as DCM, stereo, and panel meters which often require higher quality. In other mechanisms like terminals, card holders and board-to-board connectors, the FPC connector is also used. Some FPC connector manufacturers possess more advanced technologies, allowing them to offer the product at a lower price compared to others; but in general, the price is dropping due to the increasing popularity of FPC connectors. In fact, the FPC connector is a type of connector that develops fast and successfully. It has its unique merits which are admired by a lot of companies. Hence, we believe that the FPC connector has a bright future.