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Connector Advantages(Taiwan FPC ,USB connector)(2)

Author:Danny / time:2019-11-25 / The number of clicks:79

  In addition to the mechanical performance mentioned in the former chapter, there are two kinds of basic performance of connectors (such as Taiwan FPC connectors, USB connectors, etc.): the electrical performance and the environmental compatibility.

  Electrical performance: the electrical performance of connectors contains contact resistance, insulation resistance and dielectric strength. I will introduce how to evaluate these three kinds of performance as follows. For the contact resistance, the electric connector with good quality should have low and stable contact resistance, which means the connection function of connectors must be stable to avoid unstable transmission current; otherwise the connectors cannot work normally so that they will fail their performance. The insulation resistance is the indicator for the insulation between contact elements of the connectors and between contact elements and the case. If the insulation is poor, the current elements in between will interfere with each other, get wasted and fail to transmit the signal completely. The last is dielectric strength, i.e. withstand voltage or dielectric withstand voltage, which indicates the capability of a specified withstand voltage for experiment between contact elements of connectors or between contact elements and the case. This performance determines if the connectors can work and function normally in operation. The last is other electric performance, such as electromagnetic immunity and so on.

  Environmental compatibility: we all know how great the power of Mother Nature is, where many animals have great environmental compatibility such as the ability of changing their skin color or smell. The environmental compatibility of connectors (such as Taiwan FPC connectors, USB connectors, etc.) includes resistance against temperature, moisture, salt-mist, vibration, shock, etc. The temperature resistance means ability to endure high and low temperatures. For the general connectors, the highest temperature they can resist is 200℃ and the lowest is -65℃. During the operation of connectors, it will bring out some heat and so temperature will get higher gradually. Generally speaking, the operating temperature is the sum of environmental temperature and contact point. For some conditions, connectors are required to endure not only moisture but also salt-mist for the environment has been getting worse in recent years. The life of connectors is getting shorter because of the change in environment. In order to get better accustomed to the recent environment, connectors have to possess better salt-mist resistance.