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Connector Advantages(Taiwan FPC ,USB connector)(1)

Author:Danny / time:2019-11-11 / The number of clicks:173

Connectors (such as Taiwan FPC connectors, USB connectors and so on) are essential parts of electronic products and have numerous advantages and functions. I will introduce some of their main functions as follows:

1. Using connectors can improve the production process for they can simplify the assembly process of electronic products to enable two pieces of finished electronic components to assemble smoothly. In this way, we can simplify the batch production, too.

      2. Using connectors make repairing easier. Since connectors are completely connected during production, we can replace any ineffective components quickly and conveniently while repairing the product. To replace like that won’t affect the other components and will also lower the workload and raise the accuracy of repairing.

      3. Using connectors make upgrading easier. Technology keeps advancing and the upgrade speed of electronic components is beyond imagination. Without connectors, we need to use new electronic components to assemble when upgrading the old ones. But with connectors, all we need to do is replace the components for upgrading with newer and better ones.

4. We can make connectors more flexible by using them. With connectors, engineers can assemble freely in their design. As they want to add one more function to the electronic component, they can connect a component with this function with the connector and later modify and perfect it. We have also more flexibility when using components to build a system. 
     Basic performance of Connectors: there are three kinds of basic performance of connectors (such as Taiwan FPC connectors, USB connectors, etc.): the mechanical performance, the electrical performance and the environmental compatibility. One of the most important indicators for mechanical performance is the life of the machine, which is also a kind of indicator of endurance. The better the mechanical performance is, the longer the life and the better the endurance. The mechanical performance is different from component to component. We can see how good the performance the connectors have according to their operating force. The better the operating force, the better the endurance. To be specific, operating force can be divided into insertion force and extraction force, which have different demands on the mechanical performance. We need the greatest insertion force for convenience to use connectors and the least extraction force for their longer stable performance.