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What are connectors (Taiwan FPC connector, USB)?

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A connector is to connect a conductor (line) and other matching component to connect and disconnect the electronic circuit. The most common connector manufacturers are Tyco, Molex, Amphenol, FCI, Samtac, and amp. There are Taiwan FPC connectors, USB connectors, and more.
General cognition of the public:
● parts inside the computer
● computer parts for data transmission
Academic explanation:
A connector is a power transmission tool that supports multiple plugging. For example: home plugs and sockets. 
● Please note it supports multiple plugging.
The usage of the connector
● power transmission
● power transmission for the appliance works properly
● signal transmission
● signal and data transmission between the appliances
The industries that use the connector
★ IT
● home computer and large host computer
★ home appliance
● TV, stereo
★ Communication
The connector types
★ board end connector
● connect an electronic board
● IC stand, USB connector
★ line end connector
● connect a power line
● home appliance plug, telephone plug
IT industry connector
Board end connector
★ connector for data transmission
● board to board connector
line end connector
★ line to board connector
★ line to line connector
★ connector for high current
Other types of connector
★ wireless mouse connector
★ wireless internet card connector
Here are some basic knowledge for Taiwan FPC connector and USB connectors.