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Consumer product created by Taiwan FPC connectors

Author:Danny / time:2019-10-01 / The number of clicks:562

Because of its flexibility and small size, Taiwan the FPC connector is widely applied in office equipment and home appliances. Despite of the slow economy worldwide, the connector industry is still going upward slowly. There is a great market for this industry. We will talk about the consumer product that are mostly applied in.

In addition,to the office equipment and home appliances mentioned above, it is also applied in electronic products and related LCD parts. With the fast development in the 3G industry, it brings more chances and challenges to Taiwan  the FPC connector business, especially in the top developing market of cellphones.

      In addition to its the application in daily life, it is applied in industrial products as well, such as meters, automobile electronics, medical equipment, and lately even newly applied in military equipment. With more and more emerging industries, the FPC connector has been improving as well. According to some professional analysis, the demand from the emerging industry would promote the continuous development of FPC connectors. Statistics shows that the FPC connector business is growing from 8-10% annually.
      Taiwan FPC connectors is are essential in our daily life, even though most of us don’t understand what it really does or notice its existence. It has been improving our life quality without knowing it. When you drive, it’s in your car; when you talk to your friends on the phone, FPC helps a lot with it; when you’re sick, you’d probably be saved by an FPC connector; when you enjoy some quality time with your family, you may be protected by it. We may not notice any of these, but the FPC connector surely has improved our lives.