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SFP connector: A buying agent without going abroad

Author:admin / time:2021-03-31 / The number of clicks:346

Here are many advertisements and community recommendations regarding Korean women’s fashion or online purchase that are posted on IG and Facebook. Many sellers in Taiwan live-stream their activities to show customers that they travel to Dongdaemun, South Korea to personally collect goods as a way to highlight their business and capabilities. But because of the pandemic, these sellers are unable to travel to South Korea in person. Let’s discuss how the SFP connector and network application works for these sellers.


Communication software application

Aside from the online sellers of Korean clothing, businesses in Dongdaemun are also affected by the pandemic. Dongdaemun is a key destination for tourists and wholesalers from all over the world, but since the COVID outbreak, nobody could visit the area in person. As a result, many Korean manufacturers began using IG or WeChat or social and communication software to communicate and transact business with international sellers.


Live-stream shopping on social network

This year, sellers of Korean clothing focused more on online marketing to strengthen customer experience. They turned to live-streaming to allow customers to directly interact with them and see the quality of the merchandise themselves before making a purchase. This online marketing method is the most common and effective way to build confidence among online buyers and social communities.


Online payment/pickup service

After verifying the goods, taking photos, and interacting with the buyers via live streaming, the freight suppliers confirm the number of orders and send the goods to Taiwan. Many freight suppliers in Dongdaemun manage cargo delivery worldwide but recently, they handled the pickup as well for the sellers, even for those who do not have accounts in Korea. They have provided online payments through the network so sellers can directly communicate with them regarding cargo handling. Even if the sellers are not in Korea, online transactions can be successfully completed.


As the saying goes, “Paths are made by walking”; despite the damage caused by the pandemic which has affected many industries, the SFP connector and network technology are here to break boundaries in order to facilitate online promotion of goods to more and more customers from Taiwan or other countries.