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Diverse SFP Connectors Family 2-SFP+

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Optical fiber network is indispensable in modern life. The fast speed of an optical fiber network is quite impressive. What is interesting is that everyone will choose Internet cafes when purchasing concert tickets or classes, and it is even the reason why game players surf in the Internet cafes for a long time. It is obvious that the optical fiber network has played an indispensable role in our daily life. We briefly introduced the application of SFP connectors and the notes for reference in the previous article. Next, we will make a detailed introduction and comparison of the related products to SPF connectors, SFP+ optical module machine.


SPF can be considered as a big family, which also includes SFP+ and XFP connectors in addition to SFP connectors.

What is SFP+

SFP+ is the most mainstream optical module in modern times, which can be considered as the ultimate upgraded version of SFP and SFP optical module machines. It is in the same size as SFP, but can transmit signals reaching 10G.


What are SFP+ advantages?

In terms of size, SFP+ is more compact than XFP optical module machines, and is in the same size as SFP. SFP+ can be directly connected with the same type of XFP, X2, XENPAK, which requires lower cost than the above three products. Furthermore, due to the more compact design, SFP+ can integrate signal modulation functions, with the functions of serializer/deserializer, MAC, clock and data recovery (CDR), and electronic dispersion compensation (EDC) are transferred from the module to the motherboard card. Therefore, the advantages of SFP+ optical module machine meet the needs of modern equipment for high-density optical modules, which therefore become the mainstream.

Difference between SFP+, and SFP&XFP


SFP+ optical fiber module

SFP optical fiber module

XFP optical fiber module



SFP is in the same size and appearance as SFP+, which is based on more mainstream design. 

Transmission speed





IEEE 802.3aeSFF-8431SFF-8432 protocol

IEEE802.3SFF-8472 protocol

XFP MSA protocol


The transmission volume of SFP+ is the same as that of XFP, which can also communicate with each other. However, SFP+ supports the function of digital diagnosis if compared with XFP, so it is considered as an upgraded version of SFP connector and XFP optical fiber module. We have been trying to continuously reduce the size and weight of computers, mobile phones, calculators, and base stations since the 1990s after the advent of computers, which are required to achieve higher speed and efficiency at the same time than ever before. In order to reduce the size of computers, SFP connector manufacturers constantly make improvements and upgrades. Therefore, the advent of SFP+ also symbolizes our pursuit of an easy and fast-paced life in the 21st century.