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SFP Connector: We Media Economic Cycle

Author:danny / time:2021-03-10 / The number of clicks:23

Ten years ago, when network technology was still in its early stage in Taiwan, it was unthinkable to have a formal career out of making films and operating We Media. SFP Connector and the Internet have brought fun to our lives and contributed to economic development as well. The borderless and extensive connection of the Internet has removed many restrictions and has given rise to the emergence of YouTube influencers and KOLs. The Internet has become the main workplace. Where there is Internet, there is a place to work.

Transformation of the Media Industry
Compared with traditional media (i.e., newspapers, magazines, radio and television), the development of the Internet has changed the way media evolved. The development of new media was made possible through digital technologies such as mobile phones, wireless communication networks and satellite channels with focus on terminals like mobile media, digital television and network media. In the past two years, emerging media technologies have given rise to We Media, which is focused on personal characteristics, making digital media more diversified and harmonious.

What is We Media?
We Media, also known as citizen media or personal media is a communication channel derived from emerging media. It considers individuals as the center, allowing them to become the subject or topic of discussion via the Internet and eventually regarded as public figures. We Media conveys messages to specific ethnic groups or unspecified majority of viewers through the Internet and digital platforms such as Blogger, YouTube, IG, and Facebook Live.

Digital Marketing Innovation: Influencer Marketing
With the rising popularity of We Media and the increasing number of fans in Taiwan, there has been a growing interest in social media influencers. Upon seeing the impact of these influencers on specific ethnic groups, many businesses have worked with We Media, while conforming to their own brand image. We Media is also one of the favorite channels for digital marketing. For example, when Estee Lauder launched its new maintenance kit, it partnered with department stores for publicity purposes. Its Public Relations Department sent products to online celebrities, inviting them to share their experiences by posting on IG and YouTube. This kind of word-of-mouth marketing method is often very effective, since We Media has different characteristics, resulting in stronger brand awareness and recognition.

SFP Connector and the Internet have changed media promotion. Anyone who is interested in sharing his or her experience can do so with We Media, where the Internet sets the stage for one’s development.