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Interesting news about the SFP Connector

Author:danny / time:2020-09-28 / The number of clicks:236

The CoVid-19 is spreading across the globe through various modes of transportation such as planes and trains, disrupting work, business activities, teaching methods, and travel. Given the situation, the broadband Internet with SFP connectors offers an alternative to people: transferring real-life activities to online platforms. Take Harvard University for example, which made an announcement this year to replace classes with online courses through communication software services like Zoom.


Harvard and Explore is an online course app of Harvard University. Though it was announced that all courses will be conducted online during the fall semester, students would still be charged the full tuition. The transformation of lesson delivery methods has affected international students around the globe and revolutionized traditional methods of attending courses. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of innovative online learning to students?


To international students, online learning can ease their burden of traveling all the way from their hometown to the university. They can save on accommodation and travel expenses. Students can attend classes wherever they are and they can review lessons by simply replaying videos of the lessons, which is similar to cram school wherein students can attend make up classes through video lessons and review them if they are unable to personally attend the class.


However, there have been some doubts on Harvard University’s transition to online learning. Many netizens are questioning the US$50,000 fee that the school is charging for online classes. They are also uncertain whether taking online courses would be as good as attending classes in physical classrooms. How can students interact with the professor or with their classmates? Also, there might be some difficulties in getting proper responses to questions or having class discussions, which are some of the concerns of students.


The Covid-19 is a global threat and has given rise to the era of online education, which poses some challenges. Nowadays, remote work, video conferencing, and online learning have become manageable with high-speed broadband internet connection. Hence, face-to-face interaction or social interaction in business or learning can take place through online platforms. The high-speed broadband internet connection with SFP connector can lead to innovative changes in the academic field, as well as business and health care industries; 5G will bring about tremendous changes in our daily life. The Internet does not necessarily create distance between people as long as it can break the limits of time and space. It can create a new alternative to establishing businesses and interpersonal connections.