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SFP connector creates a New-age Searching Method

Author:admin / time:2021-04-21 / The number of clicks:326

Before the start of the article, the author wants to ask everyone a situational question: There is a class gathering next week. If you are appointed as the general coordinator of the event, what method will you use to find a suitable restaurant for gatherings? Do you check the restaurants’ business cards which you have visited before? Do you use the search engines and enter the keywords? Or do you use the function of “#Hashtag” to find the restaurants? SFP connector opens the new age of the Internet and indirectly creates a new method to search for the information: “#Hashtag” in Taiwan and in other countries.


What is “#Hashtag”?

“#Hashtag” is a word which often appears in the posts and stories in Instagram (referred to as IG for short). By adding a word after “#”we form a tag. At first, it was used to distinguish it from the keywords. Later, it evolved to be a method to link and connect with the communities, often appearing in posts or messages and gradually having the function of expressing opinions.   


Where and how to use “#Hashtag”?

“#Hashtag” is mostly used on social network sites, including IG, Facebook and Twitter. It allows the users to share relevant information with each other, express the topics of the articles or express the central ideas. It is easy to use “#Hashtag.” As long as you enter the keywords related to the subjects of the articles, for example “#Breakfast”, “#CoffeeinTaipei” and “#PurchasingagentinKorea,” other users who also search for these tags can read your posts.  


Creating “#Hashtag”

The creating methods of “#Hashtag” are very easy and diverse. As the above examples, we can not only enter the keywords corresponding to the contents of the articles or messages, but also create our own unique tags to help classify our own articles, for example, “#FeisFoodMapinTaipei” and “#ChiaChiaistraveling.” Click these self-created tags, and one can read the posts which have been classified.


What other functions does “#Hashtag” have?

“#Hashtag” is often used as the central subject of an article and is also used by users of social network sites to express their ideas. Besides, it is used for theme classification. By searching for specific tags, we can find the relevant information. “#Hashtag” also became a trend word of the new age. For example, textspeaks such as “#ootd” and “#lol” are usually the abbreviation of a sentence, which allow us not to type so many words to find contents of this category.


“#Hashtag” is now the most widely used searching method by young people. Today, people like to “look at the pictures and tell the stories.” Those SFP connectors and those who live in the new Internet age in Taiwan are pursuing the fast and easy lifestyle, and fewer and fewer people read articles on blogs. Next time when you look for a restaurant, you may well try this new feature!